Diogo Cassiano & Nancy

Diogo Cassiano SCAM & Nancy

I’ve read a review about Diogo Cassiano by timmoy143.

I was meant to write my review under Timothy’s but there seems to have a problem posting it here on dirtyscam.com so here is my own review.

It’s 3rd week of October I guess when I received a message from a guy on TAGGED.

He said that his name is Diogo Cassiano, an engineer from Scotland but is living in the US. He adopted his niece because the mother died.

On October 31, he sent me another email saying that he is on his way to Valenzuela (maybe the culprit is just here in the Philippines as he erroneously typed “Valenzuela” instead of Venezuela) for his conference and will fly from there to Philippines.

He also said that he sent a parcel with his things inside and a cash. So the name of the courier is Lambory Delivery Service.

Out of curiosity, I searched for the said courier but it’s nowhere to be found. Until I stumbled upon this review of Timothy.

The parcel is supposed to arrive and be delivered to me tomorrow (November 3, 2017) but because I’ve read about the report of Timothy, I’m not going to communicate with any from the two anymore (Cassiano and Lambory emails).

I have censored my real name and address for my security.

The pictures here are from him.

Oh, by the way…

Early morning of November 3, 2017 the alleged courier represented by Nancy sent a text message to me informing me about the (fucking) fake parcel.

If the package is real, their reply shouldn’t be like that. It only showed that they are 1001% fake.

I took a screenshot of our conversation. Take note the cellphone number as it’s the culprit’s number.

Another screenshot is the message of this (again fucking) Lambory Delivery Express. The way the email was written is just the same with how the fake Diogo does. Very unprofessional!

I hope my review and Timothy’s would help if there are others who are being contacted with these scammers.

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