Dekado ICO is a big scam in the cryptocurrency niche

There is a new scam coming up in the market named “DEKADO” ( According to the anonymous owners of the company, they are the one who can give us the path to “financial freedom”. If financial freedom means ripping someone from their hard-earned money, then definitely, it can provide financial freedom.

The important question is, who are these so called “Financial Freedom” provider behind this platform and why do we feel that there is a need to inform the users not to get indulge in this scam.

All of you have must heard about Ponzi scheme like “gainbitcoin”, “bitconnect”, “omnia Genesis Mining”. “bit2bits” and the list goes on, but If you raise the curtains, the so-called leaders from the same companies are the brains and faces behind dekado cryptocurrency. They have ripped off many people from their earnings, savings etc. and they need more & more, there is no stopping for their greed. is the same shit but in a different shade/colour. They do provide FD, Clouding Mining (Biggest joke in India nowadays) etc. etc. to lure you into their schemes & then you will be provided with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. They flaunt about the trading bot which they call as the price buoyancy software, which they are using to generate ROI for affiliates. However, they have not provided any leads and evidence of existence of that software.

If they can create such a fortune, why don’t they fill their pockets and not do charity by distributing it to others.

There are other lies that these people are spreading like they are trusted open source platform. I mean, how can they call themselves ‘trusted’ when they have not even given a name to put our trust on. There is no transparency maintained by the company. Good for us, that we were able to make out the faces behind the company through our research.

We would like to post some relative data that we have managed from our sources to prove that these are the same people whose business & motive is nothing but to rip you from your money & then leave you with nothing.

If we can get into their private information, then others too. Imagine, if they can’t safeguard your data, how can they safeguard your hard earned money.

Through their lending scheme, they have promised 42% of monthly ROI. They have got no other option to pay the affiliates apart from the autoship program. How can they be believed to stay forever? They are going to shut down soon as the other companies.

Dekado is a big scam and people who are joining should join keeping in mind that the platform would collapse any time, it can be tomorrow, next month, next year or may be few more years. But, it will collapse and when it will happen, many would lose their life long savings.

These scammers do not worry about anything else other than the profits that they aim for. Beware!

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  1. Yes u said right

    Yes now this days this scam is running by some people.

    1. Bill

      Good to start

      This is terrible that people leave bad reviews because they assume a site is bad. I’m a new user and like it.

    2. worlds digital currency

      See Full Video about Dekado

      see full video about dekado

  2. DEKADO is a big scam

    Dekado is the new scam. Ive heard the people who started GainBitcoin are also involved in many such ponzi schemes like Omnia, etc.

    Just remember one thing. NEVER invest in Cryptocurrency mining schemes.

    Just buy the damn bitcoins and keep them, you will he happy.

    1. john

      Bitcoin is also like this in initial days , you are spreading rumours on bit coin also , you all are investing in cryptocurrency coins then spreading these type of rumours for your popularity .

  3. Good for future

    Very good future

    1. Hareshkheni
  4. Dekado no scam, the biggest Ponzi is the haters writing the posts.

    I like how this guy says he sost 2mil, funny thing is that the date he says he lost the money was a week before it started trading. If your going to lie in a review to make it look like a bad investment make sure you check all your dates you put before posting it so you don’t get caught out like this liar ? the people who wrote these reviews are just jealous, they probably own more of these coins than anyone. I ask anyone put a small amount in and test it, the results speak for themselves not just someone’s opinion on here.


    You are insane. and Jealous coz u could not make money in any of them.

  6. Time will tell, I will give it a go and report my findings.

    I for one will give it a try. Bitcoin was a “SCAM” and look where it is now.
    I had scraped my pennies and rounded up one whole bitcoin at $140. At $240 I read that it was not doing good, so I sold.

    It doesn’t take your life fortune to test a market.

    Remember, every review site has a motive, and some motives are for dis info.

    Time will tell about this one.

    My refer code is if you want to try.

  7. Dekado is SHIT, CRAP and SCAM. Invest if you wanna lose money.

    Dekado is like a new GainBitcoin.

    Round 1 of fooling: GainBitcoin

    Round 2 of fooling: Dekado

    F**K you Dekado. MC log, kutte ki maut maroge saalo. Poor people’s money you guys are looting. Shame on YOU!

  8. Dekado not here to stay and make many people RICH

    Just because you say its a scam it cannot be just to get some popularity and to gain traffic from a already popular site this is what you want now this tactic has become very very old and now people have become very smart infact they are using your site to promote their decado link
    Altimately all program will scam one day or the other but the wise person is the one who will capitalize in the early day of any program and dekado is in its early days so capitalize on it and I am sure this is not going anywhere.
    Here is my :

  9. owned by Amit Bhardwaj

    It’s been clear now that the Amit bhardwaj is behind crypto currency coin offering.

    Amit bhardwaj is a serial Bitcoin scammer who is operating GB Miners and Gain Bitcoin.

  10. its fraud plese dont invest

    its scam guys i invested 100$ i am getting interest but when i invested another 100$ in BTC and kept in wallet my asset value was 100 +10 (interest of seven days) + 100 $ in BTC = total aroud 220 $ its was showing, now i could see 0 BTC wallet and my asset value is 110 $. i even have transaction details on my blockchain. where that 100 $ gone i dont know. even support team is not answering they are careless. So guys please dont invest in this kind of fraud schemes.

  11. dekado fake

    pls don’t invest in dekado. it’s fake . last 3 day it’s not working. i suggest all my frds pls don’t invest in dekado.

  12. ponzi

    every time in maintenance.
    Dont invest

  13. seems like ponzi scheme

    It work for me yesterday on 14th Dec but now saying email address doesn’t exist .

    even password reset not recognizing username … n logging is failing with
    wrong/ user name and password error

    1. yogesh

      i am trying to withdraw my earn money from dekado but not able to withdraw since last two week and support team also block my ip. i request to investor don't invest they money this platform, very week support.

      i am trying to withdraw my earn money from dekado but not able to withdraw since last two week and support team also block my ip. i request to investor don’t invest they money this platform, very week support.

  14. I almost lost everything

    I lost some funds to a binary option scam, its pathetic how heartless these cyrptocurrency pundits are.. Thankfully i was able to recover my funds after stumbling upon a testimony of another victim of these pundits online. I am forever grateful to ([email protected]) for helping me out. I’m sure he could also be contacted for other forms of online scams.

  15. i loss my 4000$

    now i dont trust any project …i loss my 4000$ if any one help me plz mail me

    1. Thakordas Aurchhaiya

      Is a fraud, I lost ma Rs. 110000/-

      Me ra Rupiya meje milega ya nahi
      Ye muje koi bata sakta he
      Me beti jo wedow he mene uske liye ye dala tha
      Kya ye rupiya vapas mil payga

  16. Is a fraud, I lost ma Rs. 110000/-

    Me ra Rupiya meje milega ya nahi
    Ye muje koi bata sakta he
    Me beti jo wedow he mene uske liye ye dala tha
    Kya ye rupiya vapas mil payga

  17. dekado is fraud

    I deposit 200$ dekado wallet now I try to open dekado there is no website how i recovery my amount i thing dekado register Dubai i try to go legal dubai

  18. dekado coin

    i invest 200$ dekado coin now i cannot open thatsite

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