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Candy Waters Austim Artist

I would like to bring your attention to this scam and exploitation of a severely autistic nonverbal teen.  For more information go to

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  1. Waters Autism Art = Definite scam

    Yes, this “art business” was confirmed to be a scam orchestrated and operated by Sandra Pekala and Robert Waters of Park Ridge Illinois.

  2. "Candy Waters Autism Artist" business is a big, fat, bloated SCAM

    Definitely a scam, and it’s disgusting that parents have been exploiting their non-verbal autistic daughter for over a decade. They harass or block anyone who asks plain and honest questions about how the art is painted.

    Looking at the photos and videos of the kid painting on Facebook, it’s really obvious that what Candy is able to paint in reality doesn’t look anything like the rainbow birds and suns that they’re selling in their online stores. Candy paints blobs and smears. Not palm trees or flowers. That’s not an insult to Candy’s painting. Candy is painting her own way, even though it doesn’t look like she is having fun and is probably being bribed with food to perform on camera that you can see in some of the videos, which is odd. Most kids that paint just want to paint because they like to and they don’t have to be bribed with food.

    Candy’s paintings are definitely not what the parents are selling online.
    This scam is insulting to people in the special needs communities, and takes trust away from all charitable organizations.

    Using their child’s condition to make money is terrible. Having a disability doesn’t give anyone the right to operate a scam business. If it did, then 1 in 68 families could use autism to make a sham business to trick people out of their hard earned money. You don’t get to lie and steal, even if you care for a disabled person.

    SHAME on the Waters parents and their daily lies. They are attention whores who are likely committing felony fraud, government benefit fraud, and tax evasion in the name of autism.

  3. Finally!!

    I was taken in by this scam years ago. The mom preys on vulnerable people. When I finally watched the videos…I couldn’t believe the extremes they had gone to perpetuate the scam. When I asked questions I was blocked.
    Please research before buying.

  4. Buyer Beware. Fine Art Does NOT match Videos of Candy Painting

    I did purchase this book. Have the receipt to prove it. This “scrapbook” fully appears to be a scam. Sadly, I found out the hard way after asking a question about the work and for a video of the more intricate works and getting blocked. It caused me to do more digging on the inter-web. Search “candy waters autism art scam”. It made me sick to read and see the screen-caps.

    I have since been contacted by the Dr. Phil show along with several others, including the mom; we were set to tape when she refused to go on all of the sudden. Why not if you have nothing to hide? If this was truly Candy’s work, it would have been a wonderful platform for her and autism awareness. Yet, still to this day, no one can seem to get full, unedited videos of her painting freely, no videos of her painting the intricate paintings. She is far from the only non-verbal autistic person painting on video. A simple google search proves that. Buyer Beware.

    I own many coffee table books and they all have heavy gloss paper. This is just a gloss paper one step higher than laser paper. As someone who helped compile three yearbooks, I can not explain the empty pages. There should be no empty pages. Why not put autism awareness there (it was lacking), pictures of Candy having fun, family, signs of Autism (wasn’t this supposed to be about autism too?), something. You never leave pages empty; you pull pages out then. “Art” was faded on edges, it appeared it was old and pulled from a non-acid free box.

    I am not sure what the parents failed music career had to do with the scrapbook. It was not relevant to the scrapbook at all and ran a theme throughout. There are also ads on where to buy the “art” elsewhere as well.

    There were many grammar and punctuation errors; clearly no editor was involved in the process.

    To those “fans” who still believe she is painting this “art”, literally everything you get in this sprapbook on her facebook page. From “testimonies” to famous people holding her magazine picture, all the “art”, the introduction. Some pulled from articles written by media in the past as well. Please, save yourself the money. You will get a better quality picture printing it with your own laser printer for free. The Waters often encourage you to do that on her page and show her. Well, I am telling you do so, and save your money. This was the biggest waste of money I have spent. It will be returned to Amazon as it is clear now; it is exploitation.

    As far as the “art”, please look at the videos on her Facebook page. Now look at what you see in the book? Does it match in technical features? Overlays? Fine Motor Ability and strokes? Style? It is not even close to the same. Also why is there none of the art we see her doing in the videos actually in the book? Hurry though, as I see the videos are disappearing on her page which makes me stand in my opinion even more.

  5. wow…okay dokey – thanks very much for bringing this to my attention. appreciated

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