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Dean workshops are real estate craps

I am here because I was scammed and Dean Graziosi cheated me. It would be nothing new for him as he is doing it with all of his attendees. But it was new to me. I am a real estate broker and doing business from past two years. I have read Dean Graziosi bio on internet and purchased Dean Graziosi books as well. After referring to the books, when I did not find anything interesting, I thought of attending his free seminar.

So, it all started from there. My friend and I planned to visit this seminar which as per the ads were a hit. It was free, and we had time, what else we needed. When we reached there, the guy who was sharing his big ideas looked naïve to me. He was repeating things and when we wanted to ask questions, all he had to say was, ‘good one’. He asked us to enrol for the three days paid seminar to get answers to the questions.

I did not find anything interesting in the seminars as well. About the free coffee that they promised, was not even served. So, we went there spent our time and came back with nothing. At the end of the seminar, everyone was compelled to pay $2000 for the three days seminar. My friend and I too were insisted to do that. I am good at reasoning and bluntly denied swapping my credit card for that worthless course which was obvious by then.

But, they lured my friend into paying and he did. After we left, I asked him the reason and he simply said that he wanted to know. He later told me his experience and I am happy that I made that decision early.

He paid for the three days course. The first day was the introduction session and the attendees were introduced with the basics of real estate. Guys, we are brokers, we know the rules, we are paying for the approach. So, bring that on. But, they kept giving worthless information that was already everywhere on the internet and most of the attendees knew.

The two days passed as well, and nothing came up. After three days, when people wanted to know more about the course as nothing was accomplished in that three days sessions, Dean and his team further asked to pay $20,000 for more to come. Don’t you think it is insane? But, my friend paid that amount too.

These guys are good at marketing if nothing else. I know my friend. He is smart and has been running his real estate business from a long time. He was the one who introduced me to this business and he was losing his money in their hands. So, they had to be good. But, it was completely different.

The next seminars were full of bullshit. Mind my language, but there is no way I can make you understand what they are worth for. So, this seminar is also a trap. They promise you to provide learning on how to buy a house without a loan. It is as bad as it sounds. After you purchase a house, they will offer you a mentor. After you call them and ask for help, they will ask for more money. They say that they do not do this for free and you need to have another $30000 to access the real help.

This is unethical. My friend quit after they asked for more. But, he still gets a call now and then asking for more money. They keep calling him for money even after number of rejections. I believe that this guy, Dean Graziosi should be banned from operating his trap which he calls real estate seminars. Where is Dean Graziosi from? Because this tactic is rare.

Dean Graziosi has scammed many people. There are many complaints listed on the internet. My friend alone lost more than $22000. There are many others who have lost even more. Dean Graziosi net worth 2016 and Dean Graziosi net worth 2017 must give you an indication how fast he is at scamming people.

I also get calls from his team and sometimes he calls too. But, I have seen the worst of it and know where to stop myself. His seminars are just copy and paste of things that can be easily accessed from the internet and the guys giving coaching seem confused most of the time.

My friend gave me an insight of what they offer and it is worthless from every angle. If you wish to save money, keep distance from Dean Graziosi. He is good at convincing and if he does, you will lose your life savings. For him, it would be nothing. He never stops.

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2 reviews on Dean Graziosi

  1. Dean Graziosi was not there!

    I attended the Dean Graziosi Millionaire Success Habits seminar @ the Sheraton in Brooklyn, NY on Jan 23rd.

    This was a switch and bait scam and Dean does NOT attend these seminars! Unfortunately I fell for it and paid $997 for a 3 day workshop with Steven.

    Which I had to do on the spot to get their rebate program that supposedly refunds you all the money.

  2. I bought the book millionaire success habits, thought it would be a good read. After denying all the training offers, felt like a hassle just order the book, i later found out they made an unauthorized charge to my account for 97$. This is nothing but a scam, save your hard earned money.

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