Dawna Beck

Rich widowed woman wanting home cleaned before a wedding.

Dawna contacted my cleaning service threw text to come and clean before her daughter’s wedding.  She was also out of town for the moment for work. She wants to pre pay for services with a credit card.  So I was using flint merchant services + stripe to send her invoice for 750 dollars and accept payment.  The money she offered is a lot more then I every charge so I was very excited.  Then she contacted a man that she said was “painting” the home for the wedding. This painter had the key to the home so I could go do my part but, he wouldn’t release the key until he was paid.  So Mrs. Dawna told me to write the invoice I was giving her for the painters payment as well. When the money was to go into my account I then was to deposit 2300 dollars into the painters acount and the remaining 750 was for me to do the job. After the painter sees the money in his account then he was supposed to contact me. It seemed ok to me because I wasn’t giving out any of my information or money so it couldn’t be a scam.  Well I was wrong.  So I made an invoice for 3050 dollars and sent it to Dawna.  She happily paid it.  It was going to take 7 days to deposit into my account.  So as I waited for the money stripe contacted me saying that they were concerned that the transaction was made using a stolen credit card. They also let me know that if the charge is disputed by the real card holder then I would be responsible for the refund and many other charges to fix the problem. So next they needed a detailed invoice of every charge so they could see if the charge was legitimate.  At that point I was starting to get suspicious between the e-mail and are conversations have all been texts. So I did some research of my own. First I looked up the address for were she said she lived and, the home was for sale.  Not only was it for sale but it has been vacent for 200 days. Now that I was positive that this was all a lie I quickly refunded the money before it hit my account. Then I contacted the authoritys about what had happened so hopefully the can do something, i’m not sure what but you never know. Later that day the so called Dawna sent me a message wanting to see if the money was on its way to my bank.  I told her I went to see how big the job was going to be and I saw a for sale sign in the yard. So I called the realtor and it is still on the market. She had an excuse for everything I said and was trying to convince me to still do the job. By that point I was not going to listen or believe anything she said.  She even told me she would western union me the money but, she was trying to say I had to pay 70 dollars to west Africa to get the western union.  After all that craziness and I wouldn’t budge I was blocked the next day.

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