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I paid him $200 for the way he found out what the real problem was.

I happened to go for a local HVAC company last year when my heat furnace started stuttering and did not turn on.
The technician spent an hour to ‘find’ the fix and replace the ‘faulty’ parts which cost me upwards of $400.
The issue came back a couple of weeks back and I happened to call an ‘old-school’ HVAC technician who went through the electrical diagrams on the front panel and doing a rigorous and methodical test on the 30 year old HVAC system and guess what. It didn’t relate anything to what D&D replaced last year and he only charged me $150 after spending 2 hours on it. I paid him $200 for the way he found out what the real problem was.
Sadly, common sense troubleshooting is a fading art.

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  1. Davis & Davis Is Scam.

    Is “minus star” a thing? I have a maintenance contract for HVAC with them. Had A/C maintenance done yesterday afternoon. Came home tonight to a non-working A/C. My A/C stopped working within 24 hours after the maintenance visit! Called for emergency service -but no luck – there is only one technician and he is booked.

    Get another technician then! They are not there when you need them, like they’d like you to believe with their worthless contracts, not to mention the sneaky suspicion that the breakdown is the result of yesterday’s maintenance.

  2. It's a real shame to see.

    When we called the company back because a home inspection revealed the pan under the attic heat pump was full, a technician came over, said he cleaned out the line that might have caused the pan to fill up, and left. (For that visit, they made us bring our own ladder, saying the techs do not carry ladders on their trucks. Normally not a problem but this is a vacant house.) Two weeks later, we found the pan still full of water.

    We called back for another appointment, this time asking the company to look the systems over generally and tell us what needed to be done to them overall. Within the time designated for the tech to show up (3-5 pm), with someone waiting at the house,

    the office called and said they weren’t going to send anyone over because they had found a note in their file from 5 years ago saying the system was installed poorly and there was too much to do on it for them to handle. No one had mentioned this before. The incompetence and indifference manifested by this company is staggering. It’s a real shame to see.

  3. How do you just abandon your customers like that??

    D&D installed our heating and cooling system about 10 years ago, and we used them for any service. We were actually quite satisfied, but now they won’t come to DC. How do you just abandon your customers like that??

  4. The installers were very conscientious, worked quickly and left the areas very clean.

    As this was a conversion, this project required a bit more coordination than a standard replacement. My neighbor had recently had a very challenging experience doing the same conversion a year previously so I was aware of potential problems people have had coordinating between each of the required utilities.

    Even though I was the point person scheduling service with Washington Gas, Dennis helped to make sure that I understood the process and knew what to expect next. It is important to note, that I had the luxury of initiating the gas conversion process over the summer and did not encounter the busy period for the utility or the HVAC workers.

    Dennis arrived on time for our initial appointment. He took his time to evaluate our heating and cooling needs. He was very well prepared and versed on the types of equipment we should consider. We live in a 3 story split-level home.

    Dennis recommended a Lennox 90% efficient furnace. He recommended additional dampers in the air ducts so we could more effectively control which zones of the home received heating or cooling. He was very responsive to emails and phone calls throughout the process. The installation went without a hitch. The installers were very conscientious, worked quickly and left the areas very clean.

  5. The charge was more than fair and i wish to thank them for a job well done.

    I have used Davis And Davis in the past and was again impressed with their service over a cold weekend in January. The house temp had dropped to 58 degrees and i didnt think i would have any luck getting a technician on Sunday. Eric arrived at 9am and by 10am my systen was up and running. The charge was more than fair and i wish to thank them for a job well done.

  6. Great Service.

    Have used Davis & Davis for years and have always received courteous, prompt service. Not sure about the comments about calls not returned as that has never been a problem for us.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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