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David Saffron & Attorney David Kagel Bitcoin Scam

I Frank E Calabro Jr would like to file an official report of an investment scheme being ran by David Gilbert Saffron and his attorney David Kagel.

I personally invested 50 Bitcoin into the investment scam on Jan 6th 2018. On that date the equivalent to US dollars was $17,161 per BTC or $858,050.00 USD.

David Saffron through an online webinar and in person meetings promised, convinced and explained how he could multiply Bitcoin through strategic arbitrage tactics in the crypto currency markets. He promised to double my investment of Bitcoin in as fast as 3 days. He then offered total security and safety to protect my investment through his attorney David Kagel.

My first in person lunch meeting with David Saffron was in Las Vegas on January 10th 2018. This gathering included several other investors. During our discussions David Saffron called his attorney Mr. David Kagel. David’s cell phone was passed around the table to each investor attending that meeting.

When I spoke to attorney David Kagel and introduced myself he was very friendly & personable on the phone. Mr. Kagel collected my email addresses and immediately sent a letter that insured my Bitcoin investment was not only safe, but back by a Bitcoin wallet in his control.

The letter stated that his law firm had unrestricted access. In addition, he held no less than 1,000 Bitcoin in this wallet. The letter also stated the exact instructions to follow in the event of that David Saffron was unwilling or unable to return my deposit.

The last time that I have seen David Saffron was at a party he held in his Penthouse Suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. I arrived to that gathering at midnight and I departed around 3am on Saturday January 6th 2018.

Communication since has been through other investors pulled into Saffron’s scheme. There was no organization as to how we would be paid and exactly who to contact. Also, after the in-person meeting in Vegas which I left being told by David Saffron that he could double my Bitcoin every week, the duration of time (1 week) kept changing.

From my notes and through what other investors were telling me, the new time table to double my coins was once every 21 days. I was never told when that 21-day trading cycle started or ended.

My next and last communication from David Saffron was on February 26th 2018. He stated in a text message that he had received a letter from his attorney Mr. David Kagel. This letter was from my Attorney John Owen Murrin and as part of a group of investors, we were requesting that our original Bitcoin be returned. The total amount of Bitcoin collected from our group of 8 investors was 206.5 bitcoins or $3,543,746.50 in US dollars.

David Saffron stated that he had already made arrangements with our law firm to return the funds which is a lie as I had just gotten out of an hour-long meeting with our legal team just minutes before receiving Saffron’s text.

I do not know how long or how many investors have been scammed in this ongoing charade.?

David Saffron and his attorney David Kagel must be arrested, charged and stopped from this criminal activity immediately. They have already stolen over 3 million dollars from our small group of 8 people.

In my last correspondence with David Saffron he boasted how is he continues to travel across the country presenting his fraudulent scheme. He has ties to organized crime in Australia and has a passport issued from that country. I fear that he will flee before being brought to justice. His actions are of a conniving felon and he must be stopped immediately!

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3 reviews on David Saffron

  1. Very true

    This is all true. Thank you for sharing your story Frank. I urge all others that were scammed to share their story too. We need to help prevent this happening to others.

    1. Frankie the turd

      This Frank Calabro, Jr?
      Same guy who has been raided/assets seized is going to jail in NC soon?
      The infamous ponzi midget of NC?
      Hard to believe anything that scammer says.

    2. Real Poirier

      fake response from Frank.

  2. Frank C has Felony charges and assets seized

    Dwarf scamming turd is crying about getting scammed?


  3. Scammer Frank Calabro Filed This False Report

    Frank Calabro filed this report as a pathetic excuse to try an avoid jail time. Unlucky Frank, you are screwed. Everybody knows you and Rodney Burton stole the bitcoin (including the SEC). Enjoy jail!

  4. Bullshit

    These reports are false

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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