David Rubin

David Rubin is a crook

David Rubin, who belongs to the Rubin dynasty, one of the most orthodox sects dishonoured his people’s beliefs by being a part of the fraud. The sect is very stringent about its practices.

Belonging to such upbringing did not stop David to commit such heinous crime considering his responsibilities towards his origin. Not only David is a part of this community, but he is the living saint and a leader to the entire Hasidic sect. David disappeared after acquiring 150 million pounds from his followers.

However, no one from the families that were cheated came out to help in the investigation. It is believed that being Mosser, an informer is the biggest crime according to the beliefs of the sect. How orthodox one can get? That was the only reason why no one turn up to ask for justice. There were talks about people re-mortgaging their family homes for paying David on the promise of huge returns.

David’s company pressurized people to invest more than their earning and saving. In short, more than they could have ever afforded. Anyone investing anything less than 250,000 pounds was shown the exit gate. After the disappearance of David, one of the victims even tried to kill himself by drowning himself.

People say that David wasn’t so popular at first and neither was his company. All he did was used his father’s name to ask for 500 pounds for bringing holy rabbit at follower’s place. The rumours are also about him honouring his promises in the beginning. He was involved in the parallel trading popularly known as import-export.

At first, David started to lure the Sassower sect which was mostly led by his father. It was easy for him to convince them. In later phase, as the business stared to reap some profit, his name crossed other sects as well, the wealthy ones. Soon, the entire game turned into a pyramid scheme. And, the journey to fund old investors through the funds invested by the new ones started.

One person came up who lived way far of the community, however, still was a Hasidic. He confronted Rubin for returning the loan of 75000 pounds. There are talks about Rubin being involved in foreign investments and other crimes too which includes death treats too.

All these provide no base for investigation as the exact course of event is still not verifiable as no one wants to become an informer. The community is disgraced for trusting David. David’s father was a huge contributor of charity and held prestigious position among the group. However, what David did was not only a crime but a disgrace to the name of his family.

People from this community are ready to take the consequences of someone’s crime rather becoming a Mosser. This made it easy for David to escape. I still cannot think of a better reason apart from the orthodox belief that could have fuelled David’s intention to this point.

Sometimes, you need more than just the code of conduct that belongs to a particular sect to find the solution to a problem.

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Reported Loss :1500000 $
Severity of Scam :High
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Is David Rubin a scam?
Yes, David Rubin is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com, They are not aggressive toward their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is David Rubin a legit?
No, David Rubin is not a legit business owner or provider, you should take all precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
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There is/are 1 review(s) posted about David Rubin and its indicate that the severity of the scam is High.
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David Rubin is located at United States.
How much monetary losses incurred by David Rubin customers?
1500000 $ monetary losses incurred by David Rubin customers.