Darius Fisher

Horrible Service

Darius Fisher reputation management service is HORRIBLE.

After monthly payments of over $10,000, I have nothing to show for. Negative results haven’t moved at all.

Darius Fisher promised so much and delivered nothing.

Do not contact Darius Fisher, even for free consultation. Once they know you have a reputation problem, they will make it worse, if you don’t keep paying.

These guys are supposed to be a reputation management service, but if you check over the web, you will see they have a dark past that they had to repair by doing a lot of PR.

Nothing has changed yet.

I urge other clients to come forward too. Darius is trying to white wash his past.

Don’t let him get away with it.




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  1. Darius Fisher is unethical

    Jordan French and Darius Fisher are the dirty duo. They play bad cop, good cop with you.

    The truth is that Jordan still has shares in Status Labs, and he is Darius Fisher’s partner in their real estate company.

    Status Labs is very unethical.

    There has been no compensation for Sergio and Monica Lejarazu.

    All they care about is their image and reputation.

    They don’t care about the real victims.

  2. Gonzalo Barrientos Says Darius Fisher is an idiot

    Gonzalo Barrientos is a legislator from Austin. This is what he said about Darius Fisher:

    “The idiots who supposedly owned a public relations firm just went in there and haphazardly tore the place down,”

    This is after F&F real estate ventures owned by Darius Fisher demolished a business in east Austin with the tenant’s inventory in it.

  3. What a shameful person

    Darius Fisher was the one responsible for destruction of a couple’s business in Austin, because he wanted to make money from SXSW event.

    It is a shame that people like him can even get into reputation management industry by paying off bloggers to write good things about them and help them bury their scams.

    He is now running a scam business called Status Labs.

  4. Darius Fisher has been involved in illegal activites

    Darius Fisher and Status Labs were busted by a brave CNBC journalist who rejected their bribe to write a fake article.

    Here is the post on CNBC that shows how Darius pays off people for fake PR and promotes himself:


  5. Darius Fisher is up to someting fishy

    Hey everyone, this page is deindexed from google. Does anyone know why?

    To dirtyscam.com admin:

    What’s going on folks?
    Is Fisher up to something fishy again?
    Or payments are being made?

    We need an answer or this post gets multiplied all over the Internet soon.

  6. Backdoor deal

    Why is this page getting indexed.

    dirtyscam.com admin:

    check your google webmaster tools.

    Hopefully, he is not doing backdoor deal. He is a scumbag. don’t let him get away with it.

    1. Hello Joe, 

      Do you have any proof on Darius Fisher report.

      Just to let you know , just reporting texts and written notice does not carry out any weight 

      Show us some proof and we make sure he don’t get away with it

      We are just scared of litigation and it cost us

      Hope you understand.


      Rick Persian 

      A Level Community Manager

      W : dirtyscam.com 

      E : support at dirtyscam.com

  7. DMF, We Do Not Forget. We Do Not Forgive.

    The more you try to cover your scam, the more determined we become.

    We will not forget, we will not forgive.

    You are in our permanent records.

    DirtyScam.com index this page in google.

  8. Don't let them bully you

    To Admin:

    All the points in report are true. You can check them. Please do not let this scumbag and his scumbag lawyer bully you. If they want to refute the points, ask them to post it here or you post their rebuttal transparently.

    This will only let people with money get away with scams.

    If his lawyer sent you something, please post it here. There’s nothing illegal or wrong about posting lawyers letter.

    Who is his lawyer ? We are very interested to know. Just give us the name of that scumbag lawyer who is threatening you, and he will be working at Cinnabon bakery soon.

    P. S. we will be submitting a detailed report about Darius Fisher and sources all based on the reports out there by reporters and magazines. Please make sure they don’t get deindexed. It is very frustrating to see people with lawyers get to whitewash their scams. We are hoping you stand firm.

  9. We can discuss over email. Please just email us on support at dirtyscam.com

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Approved Date:April 19, 2017
Status :Published
Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Location city :Austin
Reported by : anonymous
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