Dario Zaccagnini

Owners of Canadian boiler-room scam start again with Darwin Alpha LTD

Darrell Greco and Dario Zaccagnini from Malta were the silent partners with John Guchone and Richard Bell from Thailand at the Guardian Securities Ltd (Malta) which was one of the biggest Canadian boiler-room scam. They did make all the efforts but in the wrong direction and made people pay for their luxury.

Would it surprise you, if I say that those who were involved in Canadian Boiler Room Scam are out again with other ventures to fool people around? I am sure, it will. How can someone do the same after getting caught? But, the truth is, they can. Because they have done it before and this time they know who to get away with it, as they did prior.

These scams normally start targeting our weakest necessity and promise to make us rich in no time. However, they do opposite and take whatever we have.

The Canadian boiler room scam was closed and the website was also taken off the web, but this did not restrict these skunks to try another trick. You heard it right.

We did make the right move in stopping Guardian Securities Ltd (Malta) Canadian boiler-room but did not stop the root cause. Hence, Darrell Greco, Dario Zaccagnini, John Guchone and Richard Bell are back with their innovation and fraud to rob money from legitimate individuals.

Darrell Greco and Dario Zaccagnini are associated with Darwin Alpha Ltd as its managing directors. But they forgot to delete the traces of their past. Dario Zaccagnini has mentioned in his profile on LinkedIn that he was an adviser with Guardian Securities Ltd in Malta. So, can we believe someone who was actually the mind behind the scam.

Also, the other director, Darrell Greco was the active participant in managing the fraud through Canadian boiler room. These two have started Darwin Alpha Ltd to once again scam people and play with their emotions and money.

In addition, others who were the main culprit in Canadian boiler room scam, John Guchone and Paul Richard Bell in Bangkok have started advertising about a mining company in Peru. You can check that on www.aberdeenlimited.com. The name of the mining company is Horizon Gold Mining with its website as www.goldhorizonmining.com. They have even used the same template for these two websites.

Isn’t its ironical? Same people but this time the scam name and addresses have changed. I am sure, whatever they do, their names have been so much on internet that they cannot get away. Else, if they start doing identity theft and starting something with a different name.

Being clever, still they missed taking off their names from the linkedin profiles and got themselves into the light of transparency. Now, we know who are behind these new start-ups and ventures.

I know, they are not going to give up, but we are cautious this time and won’t let you harm us. Stay away from all the companies that these guys are associated with. You will only lose.

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