Daniel Koehler

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Daniel Koehler, also known as DK, sleeps or attempts to sleep with every woman at his place of work. He tells them they are his missing piece and ttys to convince them to go on trips around the world.

He is extremely manipulative. He actually lives with his WIFE although he calls her his “roommate”. He talks horribly about her, even though she is the mother of his children.

He posts bad things about her on Facebook and tries to deny that they are together. He has varied stories of a divorce that is not happening.

He says anything to gain the trust of all of his female co workers, and texts many of them at the same time. He refuses to call all his new victims because he is with his wife and children. (HUGE red flag ladies, wake up).

He victimizes single mothers saying they can take trips around the world with the kids because he is the best single father in the world. He will say anything, even make promises of marriage without any compassion for his victims regularly.

The men he works with say he is “the biggest player they have ever met” and warn new girls that he sleeps with multiple women at his job.

However, sometimes this does not work because he is the lowest scum on the planet, a sorry excuse for a man that has absolutely NO morals and will say anything to try to win trust from his victims, feeding off their every insecurity.

If any of his victims try to warn a new victim or question the validiy of his “un dying love”, he quickly becomes aggressive and makes himself the victim, even going as far as to turn them into the union for “harassment” and try to get them in trouble.

This man is a walking nightmare.

His life revolves around demeaning, disrespecting, lying to, and trying to seduce nice ladies into sleeping with him. His entire life and Facebook are suited to this exact purpose! Every woman should stay as far away from him as possible!!! We all pity his wife, Lesley Koehler. Ladies, do not trust him. Follow your gut. Question everything he does and make him prove it.

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