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My second experience, however, was a disaster.

It pains me to write this review because my first experience with Creative Classics was great.  My second experience, however, was a disaster.

So let’s set the context…shall we?  A frog and frogette are busy furnishing their newly acquired lily pad.  Creative Classics has an absolutely gorgeous dining room table on display.  We order one just like it from the manufacturer, customize it to our exact specifications, and have it delivered along with a cabinet that is perfect for holding the small receiver that we use to pump music into our living and dining rooms.  All’s well and good–table and cabinet arrive, are delivered promptly, and we’re happy as two frogs can be.  Then things start to go awry…

While purchasing the table we also notice a bench that we think is perfect for our sunroom, but as it’s a bit on the spendy side we wait till CC’s end of year sale and order one for pick-up in the Thanksgiving time frame, 6 to 8 weeks away.  8 weeks go by…nothing.  I call CC and inquire about the bench.  Only to be told that, “yes” the piece has been completed, but “no” they won’t be picking it up from the manufacturer till after the holiday.  They’re too busy.  Disappointed, I wait through the next 10 days expecting a call that the bench is at the warehouse, and…again…nothing.  So I call again, and am told this time that they’ve had the bench for almost a week, but gave up trying to contact me because I don’t have voice-mail.  Don’t have voice-mail?  Are they kidding?  I *only* have a cell, so not being able to reach my voice-mail is…well…pretty close to impossible.  Moreover, what about calling my wife, whose number CC also has, or perhaps an email?

Anyway, I try to make arrangements to pick up the bench and am told that there are no evening nor weekend hours at the warehouse–basically that unless I’m willing to take off from work, I don’t get my bench.  (CC’s owner explains this as an overtime issue.  Though he could simply skew the warehouse’s hours to accommodate his customers without his employees incurring overtime.)  I try over the next three weeks to find a time to get to CC’s warehouse, but just can’t get away from work.

Finally, in my frustration, I try to arrange for delivery so that I can have the bench before the Christmas holiday.  I wait in vain for another week and…again…nothing:  No call from CC’s warehouse, or from the store, no email, nothing.  At that point I give up and inform CC that I was no longer interested in completing the transaction.  CC didn’t even argue–made no attempt to squeeze in a delivery–just sent me a check for the deposit that they’d had in their account for almost 3 months!

WTF?  I’d give CC three stars based on the strength of the first purchase, but Dirty Scam’s own definition of 3 stars is “A-OK”, and that’s not how I feel about Creative Classics.  Plain fact is, I won’t shop there again.  I feel like I got the shaft because this was a small transaction–one not worth their attention–and that’s a shame.

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