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Take your business elsewhere but not with Courtesy Accounting. Circumstances this year brought me to them and I hired them to help resolve an IRS matter. Initial communication with Stacie was helpful and friendly, although she was confused on understanding some basic information which was concerning. (Others in the office helped her understand). Her task was to write a letter to the IRS on my behalf. After our meeting she become very unresponsive and difficult to reach.

It took weeks for her to reach back out to me with confirmation she had completed what I asked. Months later, I needed her help to write a follow up letter. I worked with another, more helpful member of her office initially but then received no communication from them. I followed up with a phone call and received a very rude Stacie on the phone who seemed very annoyed at my call and circumstances.

Months later when the IRS said they never received the second letter, I attempted to work with a more helpful member of her office again, but Stacie intercepted my attempt and rudely told me “we’re done”. This was incredibly confusing as I had hired them, but it was made clear in the conversation that she never realized that. Read that again if you need to: she had no idea I hired her.

In her poor and childish misunderstanding of my matter, she may have done more damage to my situation. One of the most unprofessional experiences of my life.There are a number of unsatisfied and angry reviews with service on here. Check out a few in the “non recommended” and consider them too.If reading this review feels like a headache, imagine living through it. I feel forced to clarify some points and then I’m moving on so I never have to think about this again.

* I did not hire Stacie to do my taxes. I was advised by third party tax legal counsel to hire her to aid in a matter with the IRS. This was done because the tax preparer who caused my penalty was now working in her office. I wanted her letter to be accompanied with his own admission of negligence. I was wrongfully expecting a bill from her when the matter had reached its conclusion.

* Stacie never told me she wasn’t accepting me as a client. If she had, I would have obviously just had my third party tax counsel write the letter. The full explanation she gives below may or may not be true but, again, that was never told me. It’s pretty obvious she over promised to help me, things got busy, tried to ignore me away, then made excuses, lie, and get angry when she thought she wasn’t going to get paid for it.

* Her explanation, even if true, does not excuse her from the rude and unprofessional way in which she conducted herself.* Clarification regarding the second letter: it was simply a form to be signed and sent to IRS to allow her to correspond on my behalf. She lied and said she sent this but after months the IRS said they never received it. Her explanation regarding the “second letter” below admits this. In doing this, my window of opportunity for my abatement closed. Through this nightmare, she actually managed to make my problem even worse.

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  1. She is doing my return again this year and I am pleased with the service.

    Last year Stacie took over my account and that of a relative from a closed firm. She had employed an accountant from the closed firm, but laid him off because of problems with his work. She corrected all the problems promptly and without charge. She is doing my return again this year and I am pleased with the service.

Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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