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Cordish Cos. Sued against the charges of racial discrimination

The Cordish Cos., the Baltimore-based company which partnered with the city of Las Vegas on a soccer stadium proposal, has always been under controversies and the most shocking was the one when he was charged of racial discrimination. The lawsuits and complaints was filed in three states. This report was circulated in the New York Daily News report in 2014.

The cities were the lawsuits and complaints was filed on racial bias are Louisville, Ky; Kansas City, Mo., and St. Louis. The lawsuits and complaints charged Cordish Cos of following some restrictive dress codes and other measures to bound the access of the entertainment areas for black visitors. Cordish has been responsible for accomplishing dozens of projects in various cities of the country.

In June 2014, The Courier-Journal of Louisville reported that Cordish did not allow five black men to enter the 4th Street Live because of their race. On the other hand, he permitted white people to go into 4th Street Live. Following the discrimination, those five people sues Cordish for racial discrimination on May 30, 2014.  It was very clearly highlighted in the newspaper and was the first public discrimination claim.

Chris Hartman who was the director of the Louisville-based Fairness Campaign which is a LGBT equality organization worked with Cordish Cos. The association was for the sensitivity training at 4th Street Live. He also stated that the allegations were not new. The downtown complex had faced many such complaints that restricted black people from entering the complex where the white folks were allowed. He told that this had went for years.

Hartman confessed that the complex has severe scrutiny for black people in compared to the white in terms of dress code and they were tried to restrain from entering. This was the reason of many allegations for years and the associations such as the ACLU of Kentucky, Fairness Campaign and other local organizations scheduled meetings with Cordish Cos representatives to sort out the problems since 2013.

There were many reactions from the major people of the city after the news was made live. People were not able to digest what they were hearing as for most of them Cordish had a great reputation. Many talked against him and that created a world divided in two parts.

The company, on the other hand denied the allegation and said that it would be the last on the list to do something like that. However, there is no fume without fire. People who witnessed the discrimination are the proof of Cordish’s sick mentality.

The matter already was enough to fuel the disagreement of people against Cordish and that is the reason, I feel, people like Cordish should be taught lesson. If they feel money gives them the right to stretch their arms beyond government, it becomes the country’s law duty to show him the reality. No one is different in front of law and a phony will always be one. The bank balance or the complexion cannot decide the severity of the crime.


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  1. Cordish Cos - Fraud

    Cordish Cos is a racist and do not have any morals. they are among those who feel supremacy in making people seem small.

  2. Cordish Cos Scam

    After looking at the comments, I couldn’t stop myself to react. I never had the guts to say what is right and that is the reason I was working for him from last few years. Few months back, I resigned. It was getting unbearable the way he treats people. Forget empathy, that is a lot to expect from him, he is not even having the default etiquette while dealing with people.

    Everyone who has worked for him has experienced that once in a while. And, beware, if your skin is coloured, you will be treated in the worst way possible. Firstly, he won’t allow black people to get through the interview and if they got it anyway, he would make them suffer so that they leave.

    If someone ever wanted to speak about him, he would make sure they get the message. I was very happy when I left him. I have worked for many companies, but he was the worst boss. To be candid, there is no comparison. No one can be the way he is. I have no words to define his anger which he has for black people. It is beyond imagination and no one could ever change him.

  3. Cordish Cos is a racist

    What can I say? Nothing is hidden about him. Cordish cos is a jerk and the most heinous person you would ever know. What surprises me is that nothing can make him feel how wrong he is. He won’t take it.

    If you wish to save yourself from all the mental stress and torture, please find another way to get your work done. No matter who you are, for him your signature is your colour and the way you appear. He would go any far to make you feel inferior. You can start hating yourself. So, it is better to save yourself from all those miseries.

  4. Cordish Cos - Review

    I got in touch with Cordish for some business reasons. I wish I never had that reason. He is a jerk and thinks a lot about himself. He would talk to people bluntly and will make them suffer. If you are black, expect the worst behaviour from his end.

    We were in a restaurant and there was a waiter serving us our meal. He was black. But was polite and very well knew his job. We ordered burgers and fries. I was also there and can testify it. There was no other order apart from these two things.

    However, when he got us our order, Cordish started shouting at him. He openly said about the color of the skin and told him that he was worthless. He said that he also ordered coke which was a complete lie.

    I wanted to interfere but he asked me to keep shut. He called the manager and asked him to make sure that waiter is not around when he visited the restaurant. The waiter tried to apologize knowing that he had not made any mistake but Cordish did not show any compassion. That clearly shows how inhuman he is.
    I have worked with many companies and this was the first instance that led me change my mind. I understood that he did not value humanity and that was enough reason for me to take that decision.

    Cordish is not only racist but someone who wants to have the bigger piece of cake all the time. He won’t leave it for anyone and for any fucking reason. I am sure he does not care about his personal relations as well unless he is given all the attention. That is what he seeks from everyone.

    I wish I had never known him. It is better to stay away from someone who spreads racism.

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