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Cool Air USA – Not enough cool though but Best in Fruad!

Do not be fooled by the name that catches your attention when you are looking for your AC repair. You have got me right, I am talking about Cool Air which works in USA and promises to maintain the coolness of your HVAC equipment with their so called customized plans.

These plans are the baits that only focus on attracting your attention and what they actually accomplish is their greedy goals of plundering their customers. We all know that AC is the basic need for every house and offices in USA but very few are aware of the technicalities it entails.

We can understand the problem and sometimes the solution to fix the problem but will need an experienced hand to rectify it. That is why we have these service companies who claim to take the ownership of handling our equipment with care. I will not deny with the fact that many do as they say. However, I cannot ignore the statics that says there are companies who feed on customer’s faith and unawareness.

Cool Air USA is among those parasites who will stick to you until they have taken every drop of you. Isn’t it inhuman? It is but they hide behind the shield of calling themselves practical professionals. I didn’t know until I started searching on the internet about the reviews after I was deceived. I found numbers of article blaming Cool Air USA for their service and frauds.

As I said, it didn’t take much of an effort to find what’s cooking inside when I looked into the reviews of these fraudsters. Everyone out there are yelling for help and asking their money back as they made the worst decision of hiring Cool Air USA’s professionals to fix their issues.

The experienced that I had got even bitter when I realized I could have found all this before trusting this company. The guys come over, charge the service call and then give you an estimate of all that you should be replacing or getting fixed. Trust me, the bill never stays low and their list goes on and on. They charge double as compared to other companies and do nothing close to what others execute.

Cool Air USA will lure you in replacing the parts of your AC with new ones and will connect old and out of warranty parts. However, by the time you will discover it, they will be long gone. The guys are so rude that they can even deny from the service visits they made and will keep you thinking what went wrong.

Their technicians do not have the skill or maybe they know how to utilize them in the wrong way. Beware when you call them to open your AC. You will be damned to know that your float switch was never installed as per their promise. You will pay them for free.

When I had my experience with Cool Air USA, I lost it completely. They are never on schedule and will make sure they arrive when you are about to leave or in a hurry to get ready for somewhere. That gives them the time window to complete the work as per their plan.

I was getting ready for my afternoon appointment with a client. I had told them a day before that I need someone at my house in the morning after 8:00 AM as I would be leaving by 3:00 PM. “Ahh! The traffic was killing”, this was the answer when they knocked my door at 1:00 PM. I was totally frustrated to see him smiling after saying that.

Is this what you call curtsy. I called them many times and every time they had the same thing to say, “The technician is on its way.” Anyway, I invited him in and he followed me to the bed room. I explained him about the leakage and freezing and the guy told me he will verify for himself.

He was checking while I went for the shower. When I came back, he was already prepared with the list of things and the amount to be paid. I needed to change the air handler and suggested me to install float switch to avoid this kind of damage later.

I agreed and paid him $2000 including service charges. I thought my money is paid well. But after a week, the same problem continued. I started calling them and they never gave me the technician’s schedule. They kept me ignoring and I had no choice but to contact the other service provider.

That guy was before time and checked the entire unit with patience. He told me that the handler is old and he won’t be able to fix it under guarantee. He also informed that there was no float switch installed. I was not only shocked but fumbled while saying “What!”. This was the end of my patience.

I had no option but to go with that company as Cool Air USA never seemed giving a damn. They charged me $650 to get everything done and since then I am not having any issues with my AC.

I asked Cool Air to hand over the work orders to identify the problem but all they sent me was invoices which I already had and wasn’t enough to give me a better idea. I made many calls but cannot get the work orders or any other related document. All these incidents led me think of the reason and I got worried about the solutions that Cool Air suggested.

Who knows I never needed a new handler and my float switch could have been installed instead just being sitting on invoices. Till date I haven’t got any solution and am trying to talk to them but the executives are rude and never admit that they forgot the call back promised.

I would suggest you guys to never trust these unprofessional and cheaters and do not let them enter your house premise. Beware of Cool Air USA and be safe before you lose your money and patience.


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  1. Cool Air Usa is Very expensive compared to other AC companies

    Cool Air Usa is Very expensive compared to other AC companies. their Staff and Manager Wendy all said different things about pricing and what work had and was still to be done on our rental home.

    I was told line flush was normally $175 but it was done for free with our $500 coil cleaning service.

    We won’t be using them in the future. Found them because they perform service at my husbands job.

    ***Source: Yelp


    Every single time this company has come to my house there is a problem. After confirming three times yesterday a part that we need for our AC unit the technician arrived without the part and instead of trying to fix the issue he repeatedly says it’s not my fault it’s not my fault it’s not my fault . The workers are unprofessional and do not know their jobs. It took them five visits in order to fix a simple flush and to construct PVC pipes in my unit. The same PVC pipes that are now leaking everywhere and are not sealed properly. The work was horrible. No I have water underneath all of my wood floors and behind my walls. Instead of using appropriate material he chopped up pieces of foam and used masking tape to make everything stick together. When I try to communicate with management about it they will not even talk to you and if you’re lucky enough to speak to one of their managers you will not be impressed with the level of professionalism! They don’t care about fixing your problem. You are nothing but a number to this company. If you want an AC company that will never actually fix a problem and just try to get more money out of you then this is the place for you! Please save yourself a headache and find another company.

    ***Source: Yelp

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