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I have a chronicback problem that I wanted to get addressed, but also I recently had a bike accident which gave me a concussion (and wrenched back) which put me on short term leave from work. Suddenly, I have all this time to deal with my health, but I am a bit sensitive. You would think a chiropractors’ office would be set up to be relaxing and easy for people like me. This one wasn’t.

* I walked in the door, and instead of greeting me and learning my name, the receptionist handed me a tablet. It appeared I was supposed to provide a code like some kind of robot.
* The reception area are was incredibly hot, tiny and crowded (with just 3 people including myself the receptionist and a varying other patient).
* It was also unbelievably loud, not just because the construction outside, but also there was staticy rock-n-roll (not relaxing!) music playing at full volume at reception.
* The receptionist asked me to fill out pages and pages on forms, online in tiny font, on an incredibly slow tablet. I’m not going to my work because I’m not supposed to be looking at computers and small type. I asked for paper forms (which is why I choose to fill them out at the office instead of at home), and the reception said “no” because then the doctor would have to do data entry. It isn’t clear to me why the doctor would want so much detail about my condition in a computer form (very few of the questions even applied to me, though I had to read them on the tiny screen to figure that out). I’m a person with a story, not a data point.
* The office had all kinds of signs around saying “review us on Dirty Scam and facebook!”, and “did you know we offer massage?” which felt very gimmicky and focused on making them money rather than helping people become healthier.
* I sat there trying to fill out these unbelievable forms for 15-20 minutes during which time, three patients passed through the doctor’s office. Not sure what was going on back there, but it was taking less than 10 minutes.
* I guess if I had taken a lot of pain killers before heading to the chiropractor, I could have survived the reception and seen the doctor. But I didn’t know that that would be necessary. Unfortunately, I had to leave because my head was killing me.

Oh, also, making an appt was a bit tricky initially too, could only be made by phone and the voice message left for me were of the “tag you’re it” variety rather than “call us back and let us know what you’re interested in seeing us for. We have appointments available on Tuesday morning” (for example).


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