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Marleana Ivanov does not care about Safety of Driver

Do not even think about looking at Compassion Services Inc. From the very first day in this awful company, I have seen people being fired without any proper reason. Some of them have even preferred to quit their jobs.

It’s the owner of this company named as Marleana Ivanov who does not even care about the drivers working here. She doesn’t even care about the safety of the innocent passengers. She can push you hard to work for insane hours. I have seen people working here restlessly for fifteen to twenty hours in a row. This can make a driver very exhausted. And when you complain about it, the only thing you will find is the exit door.

Here, you need to work for a shift as well as you may not be able to get to your home till 10 in the night. And always expect to get back to work at morning 2:00 am. There is no schedule for shifts. You may be asked to work just anytime from 12 am – 11:59 pm. When you are working here never even think about sleeping. And worse she wishes that the drivers should pick the phone just anytime she call and should answer. Otherwise you are fired.

When you mentioned her that you are tired enough and you cannot work, she will say that you are fired. As she feels that she is right every time, you cannot simply expect to have a better conversation with Marlena. Finally, she got some new tires for the vehicles, as we used to drive on the bald ones. Some of them have even blown out when the passengers are there in the vehicles.

Per hour she used to pay us ten dollar. And when we used to wait outside till the patient came out from a doctor’s office, she is not going to pay for that detain. And when we are unable to find the patients pick up point or get lost, she used to dock our drive time. In some cases she even asked to pay for the gas.

Tracking the driving hours while working here is not possible, as she used to come up with own calculations to figure out these hours. People working here like me use to mention that there are some short hours in a week. I relay don’t know! Marlena is making 6000 to 100000 per month. But when you come across an accident, the deductible will be paid by you. And when a dent appears due to other party fault, she is not going to listen to you. She will charge you for this as well.

This is the worst company you expect to work!


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  1. Making huge profit by scaming people ?

    Really ? is that bad ?

  2. Bad people are doing bad business

    Tracking the driving hours while working here is not possible, as she used to come up with own calculations to figure out these hours. People working here like me use to mention that there are some short hours in a week. I relay don’t know! Marlena is making 6000 to 100000 per month.

  3. Official Response


    Unfortunately, this is False! First off the company makes no where nearvthatbin profit, as the rate of pay to the company is only $1.25 a mile so this person who obviously was let go for reasons we have on document! Everything is spelled out to an employee before starting to work for the company! Nothing is hidden. We have never had a driver work for 10 hours straight as we drive only in Arizona and can show the employee documents break time! Just like other Cab companies, why would you be paid for not working. This makes no sense! The company is not paid while you are not working! I am sorry Justin you didn’t show up for work and due to that was let go, but that’s a reality in any business (if you don’t show up for your shift you are let go) We have had some of the best people work for us and still work for us, and that’s because they understand to get a paycheck you have to show up!

    As for vehicle and tires! We can show all documents providing that drivers and passengers are well cared for! You must understand that even a new tire (we have changed a tire and in same week went flat) can have issues. We fix everything according to what is needed! Why would we let our Brand new or used vehicles go bad, makes no sense when that’s how our business is Ran! Its sad that people make false statements when we have the proof to show they are lying…. We have had drivers who just don’t care about our vehicles, and seem to dent them. In this case why would We not charge that driver? Why should we be held liable for neglect on another’s part? Most if not all companies do this when using a company vehicle!
    Its unfortunate that this company has and will continue to service the community with people like you (who signed a confidential agreement) put us down! We strive to do our best to help the Low Income at Low Rates. With Vehicle price, gas cost wear and tear, insurance, driver pay, office cost its sad that you think this company is so well off at only $1.25 a mile! Also if drivers are lost, why should we take the cost? We would have people lost all day if that is the case. You flat out lie when you say we don’t pay the driver if the member is a no show. Drivers are paid $10 and hour per map quest or previous rout time (we in no way make up our own time, if another driver has driven that rout times/milea should match) Drivers just as the company are not paid wait time. From the time the driver leaves the office, till the passanger is droppd off Driver is paid!
    Best of luck in your Job search!

  4. Official Response

    Any time some one is fired they have I'll feeling s

    We must also Add: the $1.25 pay the state pays is only loaded miles (meaning only paid if a passenger is in the vehicle)! So if the driver leaves the office (on the clock at $10 and hour) to go an hour away and pick up a passenger to drive 2 miles, the company has only made $4 while paying out the drivers pay, gas, and wear and tear on the vehicle! Sad some don’t understand the struggle the company goes through to help the community!

  5. They stole $700 from me

    They called me out to install cubicles I drove 3 hours once I finished they said follow me to the ATM and split up and took off and never paid me then called the cops immediately and said we were snooping around their business whic was a false allegation they are dirty scammers we gave them more than they asked for and they still didn’t pay us. We even helped them out Sheetrock up for free out the kindness of our heart marleana is ruthless she needs to be shut down she admitted to us that her drivers do meth
    They were drinking on the job which requires them to transport elderly people no respect for there customers safety or other drivers on the road

  6. This company is no good and does not pay people what they owe them

    This is the worst company I have ever done business with there drug attics and don’t pay people when they owe them they tell you to follow them to atm after locking there building then try to drive off fast on you worst company in az if you do work for this company I suggest you get the money before you do the job because they will lock you out and not pay you if you don’t

    1. John bender


      I work to compassion services and it is a good and honest company and 100% honest and make sure there employees are taken care of and helps everyone and anyone they can.

  7. Trash company

    Worst company to work for or do work for if your looking for a job your better off without one then working for this piece of shit company

  8. Cubicle

    Hello! Anyone who would like to come see the incomplete cubicles that we where promised, is more than welcome!
    The gentleman in question scammed me saying he was giving me complete like new cubicles!
    We have a big gap at each Desk. The desk is not complete, and I would love for us to get a complete desk in exchange for the remaining fee. I paid $2500 for the cubicles and they are not complete. I was the one scammed

Kimball Street 3402
Heber-Overgaard 85928 AZ US
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Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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