Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc

Darwin Horan of Ventana Capital is a Real Estate smuggler

Ventana Capital, Inc a real estate company based in Denver and owned by Darwin Horan is not what it seems. The company and its CEO and President, Darwin Horan is engaged in scamming people by selling them the lands he does not own or has wrongfully acquired.

Darwin Horan is the pest in the home building and land development industry. According to the current assessment, Darwin Horan controls 12,000 acres of land and office buildings of 180,000 square feet. Darwin Horan net worth itself is over $200 million. Apart from all this, he has 17 subdivisions ongoing which makes Ventana Capital’s real estate accomplishments one of the largest in Colorado.

People who have gotten into his bait are still crying. Either he will sell you lands which are not authorized to sell or they will get you into the fake paper work. Do not pay them upfront.

I will warn everyone to deal with this man and even incase you have to deal because of any reason, make sure you have your attorney to help you with the correct paper work and do not sign paper or make any payment without discussing with your attorney.

You can save a lot if you take precaution dealing with Darwin Horan.

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  1. seeking of help

    “Darwin Horan is engaged in scamming people by selling them the lands he does not own or has wrongfully acquired.”

    Are you sure this is right stemement?

    I am looking to buy some land from them and searched for his name and found this report.

    I am now in worry to deal with him or not, what kind of legal paper I should check before dealing with them?

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Approved Date:November 10, 2016
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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Location city :Denver
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