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I don't trust CP Honda to properly diagnose.

I strongly recommend getting a second opinion on prospective services to before spending the money on their expensive labor fees. I’ve had a couple of experiences from CP Honda that have indicated to me both that they can’t be trusted not to lie to you about what actually needs to be done, and they can’t be trusted to perform a reliable service without making mistakes that will only cost you money down the road.

I took my car in for what turned out to be a piston misfiring, which is actually a pretty common problem for Honda Fits. The first time I brought it in to CP Honda, the best they could guess was that the stuttering I was feeling was due to the ABS, which is unreasonable since I told them it was happening when I was parked as well. No fix was made, but I paid at least a few hundred in work and diagnostic fees.

I took it in again for an oil change and again requested they look at this stuttering. This time they told me it was because the spark plugs that needed to be replaced. Well, that worked…for about 1 week.

Eventually, my car broke down and I took it in to a different garage, who immediately diagnosed it as being caused by a mis-installed spring valve which CP Honda had replaced for me previously. Spark plugs and everything else looked perfectly fine. Charged several hundred dollars for a mistake that turned out to be their fault.

The last time I was in CP Honda, they also told me I needed all four tires replaced since they were “old and the back two tires have nails in them”. Neither myself nor two other mechanics I took it to after can see any nails, nor have I seen the tire air pressure light come on, nor had a flat.

I don’t trust CP Honda to properly diagnose any further mechanical issues in my car, and don’t expect to return.

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5 reviews on College Park Honda

  1. because you do very bad business, you'll never see my face again except.

    while writing this review keeps kicking me out as I stated on Friday I was picked up my John at my home and brought back to the dealership college park wherein car was broken down more than was suppose, and my hood was up the a part on top of my radiator (Cable, Slide Door Stopper Senor) and the so called specialist said that he was not getting paid find out what was wrong with my car, he had no name on his shirt he was Asian, and

    I think the manager was there, and I told him my car has been here since 8 am Monday-Friday, I’m here with stage problem with the so called expert claim that he did not know whether it was a ground wire or senor that the door need to shut, if he was such an expert why was it hard for him to ascertain the problem.

    Service Rep. Alpha tries to get me to rent a car, and I did not I told him, to just take me back home. He, “stated” Ms. Dixon you are getting on my nerves. Some Dealership, when you have had 5 days to ascertain the problem of my car. Saturday Aug 25, I called Alpha you car need another part that cost 320.00 but I will take away $250 mean while the only agreement we have is to find out whats wrong with the door and SRS for 900, and Honda College Park has had my car for 5 days to date Sunday 6.
    The Service Rep Alpha said Saturday, that it was going to cost me $2,091.00. This has got to be a joke. You have had my car for 5 days without any paper work estimate in writing or agreement only my signature to check my car for $134.

    I have also reported this College Park Dealership to the BBB. I will never take my vehicle to a Honda Dealer Again I will trade it before I ever do this again, I will go back Monday because I have been inconvenienced for 7 days now and I give them a 0 rating!

  2. College Park Honda Scammer.

    First of all, the listed price of the car need to changed because the car is salvage. Secondly, the entire report of the car need to be disclosed to customers so that they are aware of the situation surrounding the car, otherwise it is false advertisement. Thirdly, the business needs to be investigated as i strongly believe alot of things done there are not right.

  3. Very unprofessional.

    It was my first time at the dealership for an oil change. Although I had an appointment and arrived on time, my car was not serviced after 2 and 1/2 hours. I was given no explanation for why, and my email to the service manager was never returned. Very unprofessional.

  4. Thank you very much for your service.

    College Park Honda is a”culture built on quality.” It is the best Honda dealership in the area and I appreciate the way you care about your customers. Every time I come, my problem get fixed in a timely manner, the price is right, and the agents are extremely savvy and considerate.

  5. Walking into the dealership my mom and I were taken care of right away.

    Walking into the dealership my mom and I were taken care of right away. Our salesperson was great. He explained all the bells and whistles of the vehicle to my liking and I felt comfortable moving forward with the sale.

    It was when we moved onto the Finance department that things started to go a little left. The person I dealt with in Finance continued to call me “princess”, “sweetie”, and “baby girl” interchangeably the entire time I was there. I put up with it because I wanted a good rate.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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