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So, the girl at the front register decided that the original service that was booked was not identical to the treatment on the site…

Let’s take a look at the facial services in question:
“Voucher for O2 Blast + Dermaplanning + Peel” VS. “O2 Facial + Dermaplanning + Peel”

Felt extremely overcharged, ripped-off paying an additional $114 – I am sad I had to argue with the girl at the front the difference between the service Oxygen “blast” in contrast with the Oxygen “facial”. The groupon stated it was an “Oxygen blast”. I am extremely disappointed that I had to pay on top of the voucher. This verbage is something we should not have to read on closer inspection, I find it confusing and not worthy of going back.

As far as Cocoon Urban location in SOMA… I am never going back to this office again as long as the girl at the front register cannot respect the services offered in-person; that were confirmed online. She also argued with me on what a “deposit” was when you confirm a booking. Why would anyone use a deposit as a credit. Make sure you mention the groupon upfront or the girl making the transaction will make sure to rip you off. I have never WASTED SO MUCH TIME ARGUING HOW TO HANDLE A DEPOSIT. WHY WOULD YOU CHARGE FOR A DEPOSIT!

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6 reviews on Cocoon Urban Day Spa

  1. Cocoon Urban Day Spa Scammer.

    we walked in and firstly no one greeted us, no hello or anything just one of the therapists asking us if we were the party at 1pm (not the receptionist), then they just said for us to all just pick a color.

    It was a circus to say the least we didn’t know what was going on, and it was supposed to be a special day for my sister. After we sat down they treatments started and after a long while they offered us some drinks and nibbles which was nice as I was very unimpressed at this point.

    The treatments were very good though they did a great job of our nails. But I think our overall impression was ruined when we arrived. I would recommend for the treatments but not for the over all experience of the place.

  2. really bad customer service

    really bad customer service .. couldn’t even keep my appt after she was so rude on the phone!

  3. They are not doing anything amazing in the area of mani/pedi.

    I returned to Cocoon because Sarah, the owner, so graciously and professionally offered me a complimentary return visit. Unfortunately the waxer was late and rough and the manicurist again insisted on cutting my cuticles to the extent that the corners of my finger nails are red and sore.

    After the manicurist set me up with a fan to dry my hands (super nice) the front desk person (not so nice) came out and awkwardly kicked me out of my chair because others were waiting.

    I’m thinking maybe I’m just too sensitive and particular. I appreciate Sarah and the complimentary foot/hand massage and did not want to complain again but I also don’t want to be dishonest.

    Go there for sure for a brazilian but ask for the fantastic, gentle waxer who wears a polka dot shirt. They are not doing anything amazing in the area of mani/pedi.

  4. It is only fair to give Cocoon another chance.

    The Brazilian was fine and the clinician was friendly. However, I asked the manicurist not to clip my cuticles because it causes them to peel but she insisted. The next day they were completely frayed and are still peeling three days later. And guess what: they never even offered me the glass of champagne that was supposed to be included in my package!

    I saw another manicurist fill two glasses of water; I thought she was going to bring one to her client and one to me; she brought one to her client and gulped down the other one herself!

    I will add that Sarah, the owner, promptly and graciously applied to my critique, apologizing and offering me a complimentary return which I will take her up on. Thank you, Sarah. It is only fair to give Cocoon another chance.

  5. You can get way better/cheaper service at half the nail joints in the city.

    So I had heard wonderful things about this place but my experience unfortunately wasn’t that great. I made an appt. for a mani/pedi and got a $10 off deal off of their website.

    I had a pregnant woman attending to me. My friend who I was with got rose petals in her bath, as I did not. I’m very short and my legs wouldn’t reach to the bath very well and she kept yelling and me and forcing my foot down into the water;

    I had to hover my feet over the bowl and she removed my polish, because she wouldn’t let me move forward it was very uncomfortable. The woman was very rough with my cuticles, she talked to whole time to the woman next to her, I started 10 minutes after my friend started her session and ended 5 minutes before she did.

    To top it off she smudged my polish with the towel and wouldn’t fix it after I pointed it out to her she just smoothed it out with her finger. I am kicking myself for tipping her 20% on the pre-discounted price because I didn’t want to be one of those coupon using assholes.

    This place is a joke, and the pregnant woman needs to go. You can get way better/cheaper service at half the nail joints in the city.

  6. it wasn't worth it.

    This review is for the spa pedicure. I expected better for a spa with such high reviews. The shaping and cuticle care were great and there’s a good selection of colors. However, my pedicurist skimped on the exfoliation and foot rub, lasting a few minutes altogether out of a 45 minute service.

    For $35 pre-tip, the pedi service is pretty pricey in comparison to other places where I can get the exact same service, if not better. For the effort it took to get to the location, it wasn’t worth it.

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