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ClearPath Lending deceives people by fake information

When I got my loan through ClearPath, the terms were okay, and I only did not like was their ways of pushing clients. I was rushed to do things and they would always say that we would miss the last date. They kept me on my heels for getting their work done. From paper work to money transfers, they kept calling and emailing me for everything.

This was when I applied for a loan. I got it done from the other company because they seemed too pushy. Later, after few years, they started calling me again with a deal to drop my interest rates to 0.125%. I was not very interested in this deal knowing how they work and the amount was also not so big, so I rejected the offer.

To this, they said that it won’t take any longer and they would not charge any fees as well. They also added that they paper work will be minimal and without changing the terms of the loan, I would be able to skip the two months payment.

As it was free, I agreed. However, I got myself into more trouble. Michael Kim, who was my agent, became more aggressive this time. The high pressure and the constant calls to became never ending. All the mails said that we were late, and the time is ticking.

I was not understanding, why they did not mention that my loan would go up by 3K. I asked this to Michael and he answered saying that my escrow account was insufficient. However, he replied that on the call when I asked him that question through a mail.

So, I consulted my current lender and came to know that he was lying. As per their plan, they offered me $36 less every month and added 3K extra in total to the loan amount. Later, the company provided me an explanation of why that 3K was getting added to the loan amount.

They emailed me saying that the interest was still accumulating while I was given an opportunity to skip the two month’s payment. How is this going to justify what they were offering was better than that I actually had. If they would have informed me that earlier, I would have not taken the pain to think about moving my loan with their company.

So, I rejected to go with them. Michael seemed furious after I decided not to go with them and I felt that blur anger which he was not able to show completely.

I believe that a company which tries to lure their customers into vague deals can never be truthful and trustworthy. If you wish to save yourself from stress and unprofessional marketing calls and emails, stay away from this company.

If I would have not noticed the loan amount that was rising to 3K, I would have fallen for their scam. This company is a fraud and uses illegal tactics to convert clients.

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Reported Loss :3000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : jane
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