Christopher L Greer

Gaslighting ~ Hacking of Electronic ~ B&E ~ Fraud

Couch surfing

Narcissist Abusive

Gaslighting, thief, B&E

Called out of blue claims homeless, with animals, stayed roughly 2 months, before tossing out, abusive behaviour, no regards to neighbors, got me evicted 2x he cared less, paid no rent, platonic..thank God! He’s impotent, although kept showing me his cock bit of a weirdo! Would break in when I wasn’t home with his fat ex girlfriend try on or take my clothes, make up what lowlifes bleed in bathing suits dirty and rip my clothes then return then. All for what? I thought I was helping a charity case as Nd got robbed for a year by him and his fat ex who destroyed my clothes because she’s huge. I’ve found 3 pairs of here underwear! These people have a kid! How sick and twisted is that? That kid is done! Thief and lowlifes for parents!

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Niagara Falls ON CA
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Reported Loss :6500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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