Chali Savannah Cats

New Savannah cattery name, same fraud and scammers!

Previously, Ruth’s Savannah cats, as well as, now these creepos have a new locale but same fraud.  Now located in the city of Pittsburg, PA, not really, the address is not registered to the business owner/proprietor Mr. Mark Schumer.  Not even close to the same. Though the city has a resident of that name who boasted on his FB page that he was vacationing in, yes, u guessed it, (Savanna GA), There was a pun intended, as the city name was highlighted for effect!!!  Talk about total lack of empathy and remorse. That is why I am on a mission to stop this sore on the butt of decent humanity from doing this to other people.  Mr. Whoever he is will tell u his credit card reader is broke! Really?  And he is such a great businessman that he has no PayPal account, honestly that was the big flag.  Most everyone has or still uses Paypal.  Forget cash on delivery. not possible…I asked.  Red flags!!!! He insists on moneygrams or bank wires western union is preferred, so u have little recourse as a consumer.  He sends documents strewn with typos and incorrect reference numbers, sloppy and lazy.  Look at the sites, the same cats are frequetly on all of them.  He makes grand promises of immediate experienced delivery after his money is secure. In one account from Ruth’s cattery, he actually impersonates airport officials of some variety,  to extort additional monies from victims.  Claims that he is TICA registered. Nope checked that too!!! His earlier site was locked a few days ago.  And in no time he is picking pockets again.  DON’T be his next vacation financier.  Maybe karma lands him where he belongs for an extended stay…the penitentiary.

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  1. Thank you so much.

    You just saved me and my family some real heart ach and would have destroyed our hearts.

Pittsburg CA US
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Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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