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Avoiding Answering Questions

dealing with dr. lyew’s negligent and aggravating responses over the past 4 days since the tooth trauma began. it’s still persisting after 4 days and hasn’t lessened. in all of our communications each of the past 4 days, he’s been sidestepping the issue, avoiding answering questions of what may have caused this, and how to lessen or fix the pain. he has continually tried to put the blame on me and refer me to another doctor, avoiding all responsibility.

i guess i shouldn’t be surprised after reading about his shady denial of malpractice in others’ reviews.

i used to really love coming here but every 6 months or so the prices never stop sky rocketing, and i’ve had a couple of horrible cleanings. especially at $130 for a simple cleaning, it better be done well without any unnecessary bleeding and bizarre ongoing tooth pain/itching!

sandra is my normal hygienist and she is amazing- very thorough and gentle with my problematic teeth. today i had a male (not going to say a name bc i don’t want to ruin his career) who was anything but gentle. in his rough, rapid scraping he actually caused new tooth sensitivity/pain, where there never was any before! i had to stop him and ask if he could be more gentle because i have front buccal fillings that have fallen off many times (that was me trying to give him a polite hint that he was being too rough). immediately after the cleaning i had a very strange deep tooth pain/bone itching in my bottom front 4 teeth. this has never happened after any cleaning in my entire 42 years.

on top of that, my stains weren’t even completely removed after 3 attempts when i pointed out the stains between my teeth (which sandra has always been able to clean). you know it’s not going well when you literally ask if you can try it yourself.

besides those more major problems, during the cleaning with the prophy-pen (a sand blasting type procedure for sensitive teeth) he was hitting more gum than teeth which not only caused a lot of pain but also unnecessary bleeding. also, throughout the cleaning i had to ask for the suction more than 5 times as my mouth was about to uncomfortably overflow with bloody saliva. the bleeding continued until 1am the night of my cleaning. he did however use the rough plastic saliva suction on the front of my teeth, which no hygienist has ever done before.

as much as i love sandra, i’ll definitely be looking for a new dentist. over the past 3-4 years, whenever i’ve talked to my friends/family, they’ve all been surprised how ridiculously overpriced. dr. lyew’s office is. i will finally be switching to one of their recommended dentists after all.

*it’s interesting that dr. lyew’s office still has 5 stars despite the lower star reviews. i do know that after my first 5 star review years ago, i was given a $25 gift card to amazon. after he read my Dirty Scam review he said that amazon gift card was for their patient referral program (which i’ve never heard of) and that they’re not able to know Dirty Scam reviewers identities. most of the time their names are there, and i’m pretty sure dr. lyew can tell who the patient was by the experience described!

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