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This place is only interested in your money

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would..ESPECIALLY after my experience today. I’ve been a patient here on and off since 2011. I’ve had numerous negative experiences with the staff, but today took the cake! Despite being prescribed a medication for an illness I DID NOT have in 2011, and having another patients information in MY file, I stupidly continued to give this place my money and continued to be treated by their very unprofessional staff.

I was told a few months prior to my appointment today that Lucille Green WAS NOT in my network, she DID NOT accept my insurance and COULD NOT see me as a patient any longer, (which I was okay with considering every time I saw her I would just end up being reprimanded for 20 minutes and go home with a prescription. )So, they recommended I see doctor Schneiderman instead. He was alright, even though he seemed like he was falling asleep the entire time I was speaking to him.

However, due to scheduling conflicts I’ve been unable to get another appointment with him, seems as though he is always unavailable.
Regardless, I had to make an appointment a couple weeks ago to have psychological clearance to get bariatric surgery, the girls at the front desk said the only “psychiatrist” available would be Lucille Green. I should have known better!

My appointment was at 12:40 and I sat in the waiting room for about 25 minutes before her office door opened. Her and another patient exited the office, talking and laughing amongst themselves.
Lucile walked behind the front desk area while her patient checked out, and they said goodbye to one another, still laughing and kidding around.

After the other patient left, Lucile had picked up my file and started speaking very loudly to one of the girls behind the desk about my situation, which is EMBARRASSING! I knew immediately I had made a huge mistake.

Lucile took me into her office, and the large grin she had while speaking with her other patient had quickly turned into the expression that someone makes when they sniff a fart.She immediately began reprimanding me about being inconsistent with my appointments!

How is ANYONE supposed to be consistent with appointments when half of the front desk people don’t speak English, and the other half have no clue what they are doing?! On top of that, I was told she was out of my network prior to this appointment.

Lucile had denied me clearance for my surgery and the way she spoke to me was completely unprofessional . I don’t understand why as a patient in this facility, I’m being reprimanded. What’s the reason for that? When I called the office to clarify the reason I was denied clearance for this procedure the only excuse I was given is that Lucille Green felt “uncomfortable” with me.

I’m not exactly sure why I kept returning to this place for treatment.
There have been countless times where I’ve sat in the waiting room listening to the girls at the front desk make remarks about other patients.

Even after being charged 50 bucks for each missed appointment, which I think is insane!My advice to anyone looking for mental health care is, This place is only interested in your money.

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6 reviews on Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry

  1. Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, P.C. is Scammer.

    They treat you like you are a beggar.. their staff ( office ) are horrible, my dr was great but I won’t go back because I’ll get very upset dealing with them..they charged me $150 and then when my insurance paid them they are giving me a hard time to get my money..

    they said “we will hold it for future visits”WHAT PART THEY DONT UNDERSTAND?…I WILL NEVER GO BACK ….you go there hoping to get help and you leave even more stress..Gloria is extremely rude, won’t let you talk and do nothing to help you…I can’t believe this kind of people do customer service work

  2. I am trying to look for another place,

    I have to agree with some of the posts about this place. is not the therapist, is the STAFF. I have taken my son here a while back, I had to change to another office because the front desk staff is rude.

    The therapist who was treating my son was an amazing lady. Now, my insurance has changed, and I am put in the position to have to go back. I am trying to look for another place, but i do miss the therapist who saw my son.

  3. I wouldn't recommend this place to nobody

    I wouldn’t recommend this place to nobody. The receptionist at the desk was extremely rude over the phone, this wasn’t the first time I had a bad experience with her. Even my husband could listen from another room in our house her lousy rudeness, and he was perplexed.

    I can’t believe how a person like this could work in a healthcare environment, where it should be compassionate and caring when dealing with people who need assistance. The doctor visits also were very short, I didn’t feel she cared about my situation. I will never come back to this place ever again.

  4. These are the facts, you make the decision

    These are the facts, you make the decision. I’ll leave my opinion out of it as I don’t want to be held for liable since it was mentioned to me that her sister-in-law works for Bergen prosecutors office.

  5. Staff at the front desk is extremely unprofessional and rude.

    Staff at the front desk is extremely unprofessional and rude. They are always frazzled, miserable and are only concerned doing their own work instead of putting the patients first.

    The counselor I had did not see me for the full 45 minute session and would shorten it to 30 minutes, yet charged my insurance for 45 minutes. The psychiatrist Dr. Bailey was thorough, but because of how poorly I was treated by the staff, I refused to go back.

  6. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Anna Kravtsov.

    I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Anna Kravtsov. She has been most helpful to me and listens carefully to my problems and so far I have been successful in weaning from my medications .

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