Cash America Today should be punished for the act!

I have applied a loan with CashAmericaToday and I was approved for the loan in no time. I signed paperwork, including the monthly draft for payment directly from my account.

I met the qualifications prior to applying. During the application process with Cash America Today, it asked if I received a paper check or direct deposit, and I checked paper check. I then got a call from a girl who barely understood English.

She asked if I had direct deposit. I said, “No, deposits go into the account that equal or are more than my paycheck, because I have a second job”. I offered to send pay stubs, and asked her to call my employer. She refused. She then withdrew the application.

My concern is that they already had me sign the documents, upon being approved to allow them to automatically withdraw the payments from my bank account. This is very alarming and sketchy.

All I know to do is to write this, in hopes of no one else having this happen. I’ve already contacted my bank regarding this, and they are taking proper steps to ensure my account is safe. They suggested I close this account and open a new account.

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6 reviews on CashAmericaToday

  1. STAY AWAY!!!

    Pay attention to the negative reviews. This company is a complete SCAM!! They lie to you saying you are approved but that is just to get your information. What they are doing is illegal and they are being reported to the Attorney General. I know lawsuits against this company are pending. STAY AWAY!!!

  2. These people are bad news.

    These people are bad news. Did 1 payday loan and now it’s multiple texts and voicemails from various 855#s, at least 1 a day. Look elsewhere before you call these idiots!!

  3. Beaware of these people!!!

    I’m told that I’m approved for a $200 loan, then after they verify my bank information, I was told that they will not count all of my income so it’s not approved for $100. I told her I wanted to think about it.

    After them sending me 4 emails and 3 text messages to please finish my loan with them, I call and get told I’m now denied. I asked why was it that I was approved and signed the loan docs 24 hours ago for the loan and now be denied? He said that his underwriters do not give them a reason.

    I think it’s a scam to get bank account information. I was told this was an installment loan not a payday loan as well. I thought might be a way to build my credit. Beaware of these people!!!

  4. I will definitely got with them.

    This company was awesome to deal with. I got behind on my bills and had to get a loan. Then I had a sudden death in the family. They were able to work with me on my payments. If I ever find myself in need of their service again, I will definitely got with them.

  5. Everything was great got a 450 loan and afterwards they were just taking money out every week you would think that it goes to the remaining balance but it actually doesn’t so when I called them asking why are they taking different amounts from my account and still asking for more. “Oh those are service fees but your remaining balance is 418” so when I explained to them you just received 542 dollars and you still want 418 that’s crazy so definitely be careful with them

  6. Started of Friday

    Okay this started on a Friday. I’m on the phone with a representative, all of a sudden, the phone hangs up! I checked the time. It was closing time, so she just hangs the phone up because it time to get off??!! Okay Monday comes, get off work and I contact them. On the phone with my Bank 3-way for verification. Get down to the very end, She asks my bank representative about my ”direct deposit” (payroll) WTH! I don’t have my BANK Tied to my payroll debit card!!!!! Sorry sir we can’t complete your request….. Why didn’t she ask this, in the very FIRST place????
    Just pure ridiculous!!!!

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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