“Caroline O”

Jewish Feminist Communist Lesbian

“Caroline O” is a Jewish Feminist Lesbian Communist who hates the fact that Christianity made a come back in America, in order to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump.

Her entire life is trying to write articles to convince the world that anyone who supported Donald Trump was a supporter of Russia – the new Russia, not the former Russia, ie, the USSR, which was altogether run and led by people like her – Communist Jews.

The fact remains that while the USSR fell in 1989 and threw off its Jewish Communist Masters – the USA didn’t wake up until Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

To that end, each and every article and tweet and post written by “Caroline O” should be treated like it is – sour grapes from Jewish Communists who have not only lost control over the former Soviet Union – but also over the United States of America when Trump was elected, and not their communist progressive candidate of choice – Hillary Clinton.

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1 reviews on “Caroline O”

  1. Caroline Orr, aka "Caroline O" Is A Typical Jewish Lesbian Feminist Communist

    Caroline Orr, otherwise known as “Caroline O” appearing on Twitter under the moniker @RVAWonk, is a well known man-hater, open lesbian, and avowed Communist who hates conservatives, men, christians, and anyone else not in favor of her liberal progressive communist agenda.

    She bills herself as a “Behavioral Scientist,’ but everyone knows that the most insane sick people, who have deep-seated problems of their own, choose fields where they try to both understand themselves, and project/gaslight their own issues on to others.

    In other words, Caroline Orr is the only one with “behavior issues.”

    She is a mentally insane, angry feminazi, and she should be exposed for who she is.

  2. Fucking loser

    Another pathetic attempt by a very small person to punch up. Back to time out with you, tiny boy.

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