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I Purchased Brand Your Passions as I truly believed it was what I needed to build by coaching business. Sadly this is not the case. If you are already a coach and you already have a business and you know how to get clients then then you may be value form this cause.

But like many many many other clients I was left to figure everything out on my own. the help that is promised is not there. There are 100’s in the program and you don’t get any of your questions answered on the calls.

Yes people are successful but it is the minority not the majority.

The material is out of date and I was constantly being told to ignore the module and just bring questions to the Q&A calls.

The check in calls are a joke. Unless you say what they want to here you are have a bad mindset! Unless you are telling Carolin how wonderful she is, you have a bad mindset.

People are invest their life savings into this ($8,000/ £5,700) in some cases and for it to be looked upon like we should be thanking them for giving us the time of day.

It is a money making machine and Carolin and her team to not care at all about you as a client. Unless you are successful and then they offer you lots of free calls to get you into the next program.

She is excellent at marketing herself and posts lots of testimonials!! Well if you have 200 plus clients at any one time (over 4 months) that is over a thousand in 6 months etc whey are they only a tiny handful people saying they are successful?

Why are the names blurred on her website??

If you are looking to do Brand Your Passions then think very carefully – if you want to learn to tips and get some advice but you are pretty much set up then it will be fine.

Oh and they don’t tell you you need at ££££ thousands to get you funnel up and running – it will not only be a few hundred ££ or $$ like they tell you.

Carolin even said in the graduate group – You are not taking your business serious enough if you are not prepared to spend 5K testing you funnel and being prepared not to get clients!

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