Carlo Do Giovanni

Carlo is really Kenneth ray Varner

This creep uses a fake Cali id and Cali passport.hes got a open dea case he will soon be charged with money laundering. this man lied to everyone and he will not tell the truth.hes not capable.hes a sick twisted wacko ..just ask for your cash as I’m sure if your associated with him.he has some of it.ask him for it back.. you will gwt every excuse except you will not get your not let him near titles or any of your hes being charged with stolen cars also.this guy is a creep.a fraud.and he used his own daughter to steal a car from a women.hes not a man at all.and hes violent and will attack you if he thinks for 1 second your against him. I believe he killed his own father in his rage.. as he almost killed me…hes dangerouse and my advice is to get him out of your life asap…just ask your local police to run his background. run..get as far away from this monster as you can get.. and do NOT GIVE THIS MAN ONE CENT….as hes veing charged with fraud and theft and hes facing fraud charges in Cali also…he will blame his crimes on anyone but he wont take responsibility for anything.hes mentally unstable…just ask for ypur money from this creep and see what he does. .hes wacko.this man stole 3500 out of my purse and left while I was in the shower..hes being charged with theft and fraud for this.and I’m charging him and his daughter for stealing the car.

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  1. Ken varner is Carlo di giovanni

    To think I helped a immature lying fake punk as Ken V arner is a sick/twisted monster to of made up the lie of his kids car eing taken from her while she was preggo…his sick twisted lies we’re just that lies and excuses the creep used to physically attacke and strangled me. Punched pinch me smother me..leave me battered broken bones and bruises on top of bruises until I refused to let him put his hands on me ever again .as out at the house it was pure hell nobody heard my screems but the day in the hotel…u were not gonna shut me up and attack me again.. everyone new Ken was beating me up. As I’ve got pictures of wtf this evil punk did to me and it’s horrible I look at them and gasp. I was so unhappy with him…I don’t no. Anyone who tried to stop him…he’s just a looser….and he will mentally.emotjonally and abuse the one he’s with. He will kill the next one

Reported Loss :7000000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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