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Many of their fees might even be covered by your insurance

Where to begin, how about with absolute racket. Its funny that they call themselves Care, such a misnomer. They should just put “$ Care”. At every interaction I’ve had with them, its been about more appts, more money, oh and by the way, THEY DON’T TAKE INSURANCE. Many of their fees might even be covered by your insurance, but they don’t want to do the paperwork.

So seeing how its out of pocket, I wanted to be very clear about the cost up front. By phone, they told me “$185 per visit, thats a discount since you found us on Dirty Scam.” They scheduled the visit for Saturday, the only day Doctor Wardwell was available. When I came in for the visit, I asked again to verify the price and the admin told me $240. I mentioned to her the discrepancy and she said, “oh, thats our weekday price, its more on the weekends”. I mentioned the Dirty Scam discount and she said she could bring it down to $210. Ridiculous but I reasoned it was only $25 more.

I told her I knew the test I needed based on two other phone calls with Naturopathic doctors and didn’t want to waste Doctor Wardwell’s time without having the results first, which were a 3 week turnaround by an outside lab. Doctor Wardwell took me back to his office and instead of a quick 5 min chat, it turned in to 25min with the same result, he recommended the same damn test. I exit feeling cheated that I just did a visit for no reason and no progress. And here’s the kicker:

Admin: “Your total for today is $290″, she says with a straight face.
Me: $290!, why $290?”
Admin: “Its says here your visit was of medium complexity”
Me: “what does that even mean? Is that an actual line item, can I see it?”
Amin: “no”
Me: “a half hour ago when I came in you told me the visit would be $210”
Admin: “okay, I can bring it down to $240”
Me: “no, you told me $210”
Admin: “okay, $210”

I left with a sour taste to say the least.

3 weeks later she calls to tell me my results are in and wants to schedule an appt. Not wanting to return, I said I was feeling better and would call if the symptoms re-surfaced. Two days later, another call from Care, “Dr. Wardwell would really like to discuss your results with you.” Me: “I thought I already told you what I wanted the other day”. Admin: “Well, he would like me to send you the results”
I’m thinking perfect, then I can decide if I need a follow up visit.

Two days later

Admin: “Dr. Woodward is in the office today (sat) and would really like to either set up a visit or he can speak with you by phone”
Me: “I’m at the gym but can do a quick phone call in an hour”

She calls me back in an hour and says: “Hi, I have Dr. Wardwell right here, is this still a good time”
Me: “yes”
Admin: “ok, I’ll pass you right over. The call will be 175, is that okay?”
Me: “WHAT! $175 dollars? American? Definitely not!”
Admin: “oh, okay. Is money a problem?”
Me: “Yes, $175 for 5 – 10 mins is a problem, why didn’t you tell me this an hour ago when you called?”
Admin: “oh okay, I’ll tell Dr. Wardwell you don’t want to talk to him”

Absurd on so many levels. First that she didn’t tell me the price of the call beforehand and second that she made me feel like an ass for not wanting to pay a rate that is higher than any lawyer in SF. My two interactions with Care: 1st one I was scammed, the 2nd they tried to scam me again. Not kosher. In retrospect, any doctor who is right there and their patient says, yes money is an issue and doesn’t get on the phone to discuss for at least a couple mins, doesn’t give two shits about their patient and is purely money driven.

To sum it up: Maybe there are other good doctors at Care, but there are a lot of good docs in this town. If you don’t want to get totally fleeced and feel like a jackass for asking about the price of your out of pocket care, I would stay away.

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6 reviews on Care Practice

  1. Care Practice Scammer.

    I went here twice to get a script for similar medication I take in my home country. The first time I had an appointment in the morning, was asked to move to the afternoon probably because the original Doctor wanted to go to Napa.

    I had an important investor call at 3pm, fine except I was seen 45 minutes late and stressing my face off as I was still in my consultation blood pressure rising at 2:58pm worrying I’m being rude to my investor.

  2. A dilemma awaits the first time patient of Dr. Aaron Blackledge!

    A dilemma awaits the first time patient of Dr. Aaron Blackledge! How many demonstrations of his delusions of grandeur, sips of his muddy Waters, do I take before obtaining a second opinion?

    For example Dr. Blackledge has demonstrated his belief that the best excuse for his lack of performance as a general practitioner is that he is presently too busy trying to earn his button in the Silicon Valley Mafia.

    The next question for the patients of Dr. Blackledge: Will Dr. Blackledge get back to reality after, still, another one of his virtualizations, in which he equivocates his professed intention as equal to actually having performed in the capacity of a care provider?

  3. Not really satisfied.

    Does not accept insurance?! What the actual..

  4. Can get expensive but nothing near an ER visit.

    This is still the best place hands down for urgent care needs. Tatiana, Aaron, Vin are all some of the best doctors/Directors around. Can get expensive but nothing near an ER visit.

  5. dont go there!!

    So, im from washington and I dont know if the health care is just different down here, but this place was expensive for one thing. i have health insurance and they dont accept it because i guess you get to have a longer visit with the doctor. okay that sounds okay… the doctor came in and asked what was wrong…i thought it was his job to figure it out.

    he took a sample from my nose and said he would be back in ten mintues. TWENTY minutes later ((so much spending time with paitents))…he finally came back. then i told him i have insurance so please dont give me any of your prescriptions…i dont need them. he did it anyway and my bill was almost 300 dollars!!!!!! i feel like theyre not even real doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont go there!!

  6. Wonderful hospital

    Wonderful hospital. Excellent care. I come from the west Hollywood area to get this fantastic. Care.

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