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Canadian Addiction- A blackspot for every Rehab Centers

I discovered my brother’s addiction towards a strange drug named Percocets. I found him in a condition which I would term next-to-death. The next thing I did after witnessing him in this scenario was getting a bed for him at Canadian addiction rehab center for $20,000.

He had maintained this addiction since more than five years. He said things were under his control until he found Oxycontin. I dropped him for undergoing a full detox and wanted him to get rid of smoking. The trouble started very same moment when I noticed things were not happening how one expect them to happen at a rehab center.

On first and foremost experience, while he was having interactions with Doctors at Canadian Addiction Rehab, I saw doctors fumbling at his questions about the drugs they offered in the treatment. They couldn’t explain the “why” behind the specificity of the drugs.

Seemed like my brother had more knowledge about the drugs than them. When I talked with my brother after the doctors left, he showed me how those drugs were just muscle relaxants, sleep aids and anti-anxiety pills. I showed the doctor the same thing to which he answered,” We don’t like to get too harsh on our patients at the initial phase of the treatment.” I had no option but to believe him.

I thought they had their own way of dealing with things. On our second interaction, I saw the doctors fumbling to answer the “why” in my question which was about presence of some at their location. It seemed they did not knew about their presence on the property and were trying to cover up in front of me.

I saw those people entering through an awkward gate. What got me worried was when I saw those people enter through an awkward gate and speaking to some patients. Few more days passed and my enquiry led to some more shocking revelations. I found out that we were getting cheated for the contract that we had with them.

It was properly mentioned, there would be lectures given to patients for imparting them education on, “How Addiction to anything is the worst thing to have!” When I questioned the authorities about it, they try to hide it saying that the doctors were real busy on those days with some worst case.

I kept my spying eye on my brother which took me to another level that no one can think of! Once, when I left him at the center, I saw him talking with some people present at one of the awkward most gates at center.

I saw him giving some money to those people in exchange of drugs. I continued this intervention ahead and found that patients had actually figured out a place inside AC where they could smoke freely without any disturbance of doctors.

The doctors did not have any clue about this thing. This revealed to me about the carelessness and highly unprofessional attitude that Canadian addiction rehab center showed for their patients. I remember one argument with the doctors which I had in particular; in which they denied to show me the degrees that held.

The doctor turned it off saying,” These degrees are shown to center and that has led us to this position. We need not show it to everyone who asks about it.” I think the Canadian Government is also responsible for being lenient on that part of society which needs a strict hand over it. I claim this because I noticed the audacity that such rehab centers have while operating is just because of a good hand above them.

They even had issues in the past when there were ex-employees claiming Canadian addiction rehab center for not paying their salaries. A 63 year old women named Roger Weil and alleges and has proofs of Canadian addiction rehab center owing her $8000.

There have also been two Doctors of center who were fired and charged for practicing because they did not have the license to do so.

Would such a bad history come to a notice of mine, I would have taken a correct decision and looked for any other rehab, but Canadian Addiction Rehab a self-claimed most efficient and the largest rehab facility available in Canada. I highly recommend people not to opt for this service.

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  1. Canadian Addiction rehab - review

    I was addicted to Opioids. I reached out to this center. Canadian Addiction rehab promised a lot of things when I first talked to them. Once, I joined, they set me to a corner without personal attention that my case needed. I hate this center and its staffs. You should never come here.

    1. Dave

      That’s a lie!!!

  2. Canadian Addiction Rehab - Excellent Centre

    This company is great, its a competitor story and 100% not true!

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