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we got scammed by this website for almost $30K. We found him on social network.
Please beware, do not trust this website or anyone who is referring this website to you.

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8 reviews on byfex support

  1. Byfex scam

    Byfex seems to be scam. Its been a week and my bitcions are lying in ledger and not being credited. They don’t have a contact number nor are they responding to any emails.

    1. Hi syed…do u mind to contact me if u r Malaysia. Let see how we solve/report the police together as I also got scammed.


  2. Slow

    Well i had a problem with them way to slow to transfer to other wallet but they offer a good discount

    1. Hi. I have a same problem. Did they ever make transfer to the wallet other then Bufex wallet?

    2. Hi…do u mind to contact me if u r Malaysia. Let see how we solve/report the police together as I also got scammed.


    3. Hi can you tell me how long it took to transfer to another wallet because I transferred all my btc to blockchain and it’s still pending

  3. Scam website

    I got scammed by them, one month ago, for 1 bitcoin.
    Pakistani scam, beware everyone.

  4. They scammed me too with total of 1.2 BTC
    They keep dragging it with funny excuses. showing me fake transaction ID and telling the transaction is lost.
    Malay team scam and targeting Malaysian people also.

  5. BYFEX is not spam, people are misusing the community.

    Hi every one,

    Its a disgrace to hear about us has a scam. We want to inform our due community members, to be careful while making payments. The transactions will remain pending until the payments are cleared by the seller to BYFEX.

    Please make sure you deal with right guys. We are working to resolve the issue at the earliest. If you have any specific query do feel free to mail us any time.

    Note: has never stoped any transactions, until the payments are made in ethical way.

    Team Byfex
    mail: [email protected]

    1. hello sir i have transferred 14 btc from byfex to coinbase wallet but 36 hours ago its on pending please release me immediately why its take too much time i have do 5 or 6 emails to your support but till not replay i give you my transaction number please solve my problem thanks
      BYFEX Transaction Reference Number(BTRN): K5ab5hyypmgA2pwkywOPDkBoeQ3xlLL6

    2. Too bad

      My transfer from byfex to third party wallet is still pending for over 14 days now….

      A friend also sent me bitcoin byfex to byfex and it is also pending for over 24 days now… you people are scam, why open a website when you know you are not ready for full integration for sending and receiving or maybe you just want to scam people…. my money is stuck on byfex now… too bad

    3. It sure look like a big old scam.

      A company that handle large funds, but is not providing any contact details is by definition not legit.

      I’m a resident of Luxembourg myself and I can assure you that the government is not accepting companies that are registered in the CCSF, but do not go public with their details.

      It should not be a problem though, as we all work with funds that are not registered aswell. But we don’t like to just give them to a f*cking scammer!

      First make sure you’ve got a working website guys! Looking like a group of amateur morons. And for your info, I’m sitting on a shitload of € and $, ready to buy Btc. NOT through you though!!!

      Grow up and make a living, not based on ripping off others!!

    4. Not scams now 20 days fins I contact you and your one reply we sand your request in concarn department my all life saving I put here and now I cannot sand my bitcoin only show I’m my wellet

    5. If you say that you are not scammers the explain why I have my 100btc still pending to be sent to Blickchain??? Now I do not want those transactions and I can not cancle it. Answer on direct questions:
      1. How can user cancel his pending transactions?
      2. How user confirms to you his transactions so they are not arrested in your pending loop?

      I expect fast and strait answers.

      My username in Byfex is: ndglobal

    6. What bullshit is this? How can you Bitcoins in the site without getting payment ma in the first place? What kind of excuse “ethical way”? How else are payments made? Admin, please get the IP address of this guy, he’s part of the byfex scam mafia

    7. I have had BTC paid and i had transferred into blockchain. IT has been more than one month. This is pure nonsense that you are talking about . Why only your engine doesn’t work whilst others work just fine. I have written emails many times but till now no luck. This is a scamster with an website valid for 1 year. These guys operate from europe and are fraud stay away.

  6. Biggest scam ever

    Scammer mafia! One American based and one Indian based, they’ve opened 3 scam sites before, low life street mafia, everyone arrest them in your countries and get the mafia to the Interpol, they’re low life scums that deserve to rot in jail. They’re operated in Dubai, Pakistan, India, Malaysia. F*** their a******* up

  7. Byfex Scamm of Bitcoins


  8. Indian cheaters

    These are Indian based fraudsters . looting people with fake exchange and fake bitcoins.
    Nothing is real in byfex .its all fake . got cheated by 3 Indian with 50 btc in Dubai

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Approved Date: February 1, 2018
Reviews: 8
Reported Loss : 30 $
Severity of Scam : Medium
Reported by : madarnaneh
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