Bad quality of bud received from buy my weed online

I ordered half oz of Blue Dream after reading a lot good reviews (FAKE) about their quality of weed. This was my first order with buymyweedonline and I did not know how this company works.

I have been ordering online weed from a very long time and this was the worst experience I have ever had.  After using their product, I am out of words. Their product, customer support and delivery of products, just sucks. Sorry for using that word, but they deserve it.

There are so many companies offering great marijuana and their delivery and support teams are awesome.

When I placed my first order, I transferred the entire amount in full thru Interact and was assured that the product would reach in a week.

I received a tracking number. I did not check with that number until it was 10 days after my order placement. When I checked, the number did not work. They did not have any direct number to call, so, I started chat on their website with the support team and they informed that the order had some trouble sending and they would be dispatching it the same day.

I made the payment for the express delivery as the my weed was already late. I was supposed to get the product the next day. But, it did not arrive. I again chatted with someone through the chat window on their website, and he said that it would be reaching in a couple of days. So, I asked for a refund for the express delivery. They did not bother to answer that question straight and said that I would be soon receiving the order.

After 2 days, I received my product. Expecting the product to be awesome, as claimed in many of the reviews, I ignored the request for refund which I paid for express delivery as the product was late. However, it turned out to be the worst weed I have used so far.

Different to their claim of 5a quality, the weed was the driest pot I have ever used. It seemed that it was already opened and left to sit in someone’s kitchen for months. It was barely able to make smoke. It was useless, and I had to throw that in the garbage for good. This is not what I expected.

After so much hassle for receiving their product, I was dumped with what seemed to be someone’s returned bottle. If not, then their quality is not even 1a. Perhaps, I would recommend cancelling all your orders, if you have made any. You would regret later for paying them.

This is not acceptable. I was very disappointed with their product as well as their attitude and the way they treat their customers. I would never ever order with them. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. It was waste of time and nothing else. Do not order from, ever, if you want a quality product on time.


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  1. Buymyweedonline SCAM!

    I only bought 5 times from and Now I’d to stop. On my 4th order, I had to contact buymyweedonline and ask them why has my item not arrived yet and on the 5th order they cashed out my money and no support/chat reply.

    I paid 15 dollars for xpress shipping just to have it arrive late.

    They wouldn’t even refund the shipping and will not care about you. From my 4 orders that I made with them, 3 of them arrived very very late which went up to 7 days late. However 5th order went ditched and no refund has been provided. SCAM

    Worst weed and terrible customer service.

  2. SCAM Alert


    Being a cancer patient suffering from chronic bone pain, Cannabis has always been the most effective meds for my pain relief ever since i decided to stop taking the pharmaceutical toxins. To make it worse, i live in an
    illegal state and so obtaining marijuana for my pain isn’t easy at all.I attempted to order some marijuana online about 3 months ago. Even though i had some doubts on whether or not i will get what i paid for, i was so desperate that i just had to go ahead and order. I sent over $320 to Thomas Hutchinson and $210 Jerry Peters on there just to be SCAMMED of it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Do not get me wrong, i am not looking for sympathy rather only sharing my experience so that others don’t fall a victim.

    I was so disappointed and decided never to trust online suppliers again. Fortunately for me while i shared my experience with a close friend at the office, he mentioned a website( where he has been ordering marijuana and cannabis oil for his grandparents for the past 1 year. It sounded too good to be true and coupled with my bad experience from buying online, i just could not help but doubt him. However, when i visited his crib he showed me the left over of marijuana which he had just ordered from some days ago. I was both surprised and impressed with the quality. I decided to give them a try by ordering an oz. Lo and behold, after 2 days it was delivered to me discretely, safely and successfully. Since then, i have been ordering from them and i am so so grateful cos i can now lead a better quality of life.

    So i thought i should share my experience here just in case there’s someone out there in need of meds but wondering where to locate a reliable supplier. I keep hoping that this miracle plant be freed ASAP so that suffering patients all over can obtain their meds without having to go through all such hassle==

  3. Avoid This Company

    I had been using this for over a year without any problems. Then, in late April, I placed an order and waited for it to arrive. After the delivery date came and went, I contacted them to explain the situation. After sending about twenty emails (their response was always the same information…we’re looking into it, we’ll get back to) I finally received a response and was told that they would issue a credit to my account.

    I went on to order and placed my order, but nothing showed up into my account. So i replaced the order and this time it showed up in my account. I immediately emailed the person who offered me the credit and told him of the situation (needing to place two orders because of a glitch). No response.

    I contacted their 24/7 online customer service, which were very slow in responding. When they did respond, I was told that everything with my order was fine and it was being processed. However, within a minute of hearing this, I received an email from someone else who told me that there was an issue with my order because I placed two orders and they needed to know which one I wanted. Frustrated that this had already been communicated to the company in a previous email, I replied back to the 24/7 online support and asked them to clarify if the order was being processed or if there was an issue. Once confronted about their dishonesty, all communication from their company ceased from their end.

    I sent multiple emails and chat requests all to no avail. It wasn’t until I looked up reviews for this site and came across a direct email that I got any response. At that point I was told that over 1000 shipments were seized, which meant that all of my shipping info/contact info was available to whoever seized the shipments. I don’t wan’t the police to knock at my door and asked for a refund. I was promised by this person that the refund would happen before they closed for the day, but it didn’t get sent. I had to shoot off another bunch of emails.

    Eventually I received an email from another person who provided me with the secret answer for the e-mail transfer, but no email containing the link to get to the transfer. All my emails were once again ignored. Finally, the transfer came and when I inputted the secret answer, it was wrong and the transfer got bounced back to them. I sent emails to multiple people at their site, and contacted the 24/7 agent again explaining the issue and providing them with the original link so they could see the transfer got sent back.

    After about a half hour, the 24/7 agent came on and told me that she hasn’t heard anything from her Manager (once again not reading their customer’s issue) I told her to stop feeding me BS and explained (again) that I had been issued a refund, but there was an issue with the password. I was told that someone would get back to me.

    The following day, I was contacted and told ‘Interac is sent to an email like it always is so we’ve sent it to your email of course.’ So once again, it shows that these guys don’t read the emails and just send off pre-recorded messages to their customers. I had to explain again to her that the money transfer was bounced back to them and they need to send another one. I was then given the impression that I was the one who made the mistake. Eventually a new refund was sent with the correct password. I will never use this company again and suggest you stay away as well.

  4. BuyMyWeedOnline IS A SCAM

    Got ripped off by BMWO… Package was seized by security at the post office. Its been 5 days now and they keep telling me they dont know what happened and to extend my patience… I got ripped off for 250$… WARNING, DO NOT ORDER FROM BMWO FOR THE POLICE IS SEIZING THE PACKAGES AND YOU’LL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

    Je me suis fait arnaquer par BMWO … Le colis a été saisi par la sécurité au bureau de poste. Cela fait 5 jours maintenant et ils ne cessent de me dire qu’ils ne savent pas ce qui s’est passé et de prolonger ma patience … Je me suis fait arnaquer pour 250 $ … ATTENTION, NE PAS COMMANDER DE BMWO PARCE QUE LA POLICE SAISI LES COLIS ET VOUS N’ALLEZ JAMAIS RAVOIR VOTRE ARGENT !!!

  5. I got the worst weed ever from buymyweedonline when I asked for my money back I was told I could get credit on another order why would I buy more garbage weed tho this site is straight up ripping ppl off

  6. BMWO are Cons

    Had been bullying from the lm bi weekly since January. Made a purchase on May 3rd , and it didn’t get shipped until May 8th which was three business days later. Supposed to arrive on the 11th of May never arrived. When contacting them you keep getting brushed off asked to be patient, told they will contact their shipping team and get back to you and they never do. Always the same answers and it never seems like anyone ever reads your messages and you receive generic replies “ I understand your frusteration, I’m so sorry , a mannager will take 24- 48 hours to reach you.

    The product I have received in the past which was good I was always happy with the product but the customer service is shit as most of the time it seems like your talking to bots.

  7. this place is awesome I got my order 3 days from the time I sent the money till there awesome products were in my lungs.. there customer service is so good I just asked a question about the weed and they not only answered promptly but because a minor issue they gave me a free eighth of 5 star flower of my choice with my next order.. wicked service wicked awesome product thanks bmwo

    my experience with bmwo is the best out of 4 other on line Canadian dispensaries no questions no exceptions will be my place from now on

  8. When I made my first order with BMWO I did it on my own and thought it was a good experience, then I got my boyfriend to make an order and it seemed to go wrong, we got the stuff quick but a few days after getting it it seemed we were smoking a lot, we were weighing it out a gram at a time so we knew what we were smoking but we went through the first bottle so fast. So second bottle my BF split it up and weighed it and there was only 10 grams in a bottle labelled 14. We thought scale might be broke so we tested it against sisters and it seemed to be working. So if each bottle we got was short we were ripped off at least an OZ.
    Since one bottle was short and we never thought to weigh them all the only thing to assume is they were all short and to chalk it up to lesson learned.

  9. Loose 110$

    Fake site. I buy for 110$ and I never got my weed.

  10. Do not agree at all,,

    I have been ordering from here for about a year now. The quality is amazingly and I mean everything! Ordering is super quick and delivery very very fast. Only had one issue as one package was lost. They refunded me totally within one week and I ordered again. Never had a problem since.

  11. Not A Scam Know your Bud before ordering.

    Its definitely not a scam. You obviously just had a bad experience or didn’t buy the stuff you actually need. I order from here regularly. I am a medicinal user. It’s way better than the stuff you receive from cannimed which you need a actual prescription for. Chocolate, Blueberry, Gorilla Glue #4 is what I always get! Know your bud before you order. Also shipping has nothing to do with them. Sadly that’s canada post you must contact about the lateness. People really need to read shit before ordering.

  12. Poor Business practices

    I don’t write reviews often, unfortunately buymyweedonline warrants one, ordered on Monday 24th September one of their products, spoke to a online agent through the whole process, preceded to check out sent my money they accepted it great! waiting for my package i double checked to see when it will arrive only to be told it was cancelled and to check my spam folder… all emails sent back and forth for the order process came through no problem, so they decided to use another email address to ask for age verification! while no agent i spoke to through the order process said everything except to send through an age verification ( i would have happily right there and then) you don’t know who your speaking with half the time as halfway through conversations it changes to another person? poor business, poor customer service and what I heard from others their products are of very poor quality anyway I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING ELSEWHERE ( i don’t care for their response as it will be some BS about how there sorry for any inconvenience blah blah blah we don’t take any blame blah blah blah)

    1. Rina

      Hi there,

      In regards to email addresses we reply from we always use the same ones.

      Would you like to give me your order number or username so that I can look into your file? Please email me at [email protected]a directly so we can get to the bottom of it. We are more than happy to go the extra mile and make things right.

      Thank you !

      Best Regards,

  13. Same bad experience

    Substandard and weak quality weed…shit customer service ..overpriced….and took way took way too long…don’t believe their reviews they don’t match up with the weed they send you…stay away…

    1. Rina

      Hi there,

      In regards to shipping being slow, Canada Post is under rotating strikes right now which is providing some temporary delays in delivery (usually 1 – 2 days). We usually process on the same day depending on what time you ordered as well.

      As far as substandard and weak quality goes we offer a range of qualities on the site to cater to all needs and tastes. We offer AA all the way up to the strongest AAAAA which I will stand behind as being the best weed available in the world. Our photos are 100% original and taken every time we receive a new batch as well.

      Would you like to give me your order number or username so that I can look into your file? Please email me at [email protected] directly so we can get to the bottom of it.

      Thank you !

      Best Regards,

  14. OFFICIAL Buymyweedonline response

    Hi all,

    This is Rina from Buymyweedonline.

    I wanted to chime here as I was just notified of this site. We do in fact have guarantees in place for these exact reasons that you mention. If these are indeed legitimate reviews and you have had an issue and this is not one of our competitors creating accounts to try to troll our accounts again then we are more than happy to look into any of these issues for you. All you ever have to do if you encounter any kind of problem with us is to email us or talk to one of our 24/7 live chat operators and let them know your order # and we would happily work to resolve the matter. We are the only mail order marijuana site that offers 24/7 live chat and.

    Feel free to email me directly as well at [email protected] and I will be happy to address any of these complaints directly.

  15. Best mail Order in canada

    Best mail Order marijuana site hands down!! These reviews saying it is a scam are ridiculous.

  16. Scam

    its terrible. hard to get answers, always seems like ur being scammed. they offer refunds but its impossible to get one, i tried only a few hours after ordering, it wasnt even shipped!
    DO NOT ORDER off

  17. Scammers

    Only method of payment is wire transfer (sketchy) the help and 24/7 support, as well as the email, are both automated so you never actually talk to a person when you order(i had maybe 25 total emails between me and the help email, my questions were never answered, always a general automated response. i tried to cancel my order 10 hours (next morning) when i ordered, i got a conformation email asking if i was sure i wanted a refund. i said yes, an 30min later i get an email saying my oder has been shipped. we go back an forward on email arguments until i get an email and they tell me “we dont provide refunds once an order has been shipped”, so now im stuck with the order. If all that wasnt enough, i ordered a 7g of an AAAAA (Exotic) strain, and the weed quality is nowhere near what its advertised, aka shit weed. Not happy will not order again.

    1. SC

      I 100% agree. I bought 7g of their Holy Grail (AAAAA) and it was nothing but shit weed. Their reviews are completely moderated.

  18. Worst fucking place ever

    I was fraud by them 1 time , forget them for a year and ive just tried to make another order . Theybdonw want to insure my order at the same adress ive ordered from them at least 20-25 times. Now im trying to get refund but they giving me shit for 3 days in a row and nothing is moving… AVOID THEM AT ALL COST , JUST BUY FROM A PROFESSIONNAL DISPENSARY , NOT THOSE FUCKING SCAMMER

  19. “Lowest prices guaranteed” is a flat out lie

    Their lowest quality herb (AA) is still hella expensive when there are much better options online that offer cheaper herb at WAY better prices. This may be the most overpriced cannabis site I have came across and the herb is only good, nothing crazy

  20. Buyer Beware

    I placed two separate orders on BMWO within 48 hours, spent almost $500. When I received my first order, there was an item missing. I contacted BMWO & was given a coupon code. I received my second order 48 hours later, again there was an item missing. I contacted BMWO and they refused to compensate me. I have a coupon code, so the only way I can get compensated is to place another order with them. ? That will not be happening, so waiting for a manager to reply. Read the reviews before purchasing from this website. Buyer Beware.

  21. Don’t Buy there vape THC juice it’s wackkkkkk. And u tell them and they say “thats a customer favorite” and give 10 percent off your next order? This e juice had fuck all thc in it

  22. "gorilla glue AAA"

    “These products are not our highest quality buds” …

    you know when thats their response to your complaint, to never shop there again. goodnight.

  23. No Quality.

    I’ve bought from this site a about seven times and the first two orders that I placed were fairly decent. All the orders after that started to come with at least one product that was grown in a barn and dried with hay- the smell and taste were atrocious. I talked to a representative and they ‘assured’ me that all their product was top quality. I believed that it might have been a one-time-thing but it kept on happening and at the end I spent over $200 on product and the whole thing was painfully obvious grown in a barn. I talked to a representative and they refunded $27 (how graceful) out of the $200. That becomes useless because I no longer trust their site and refuse to order from them again. If you want decent product, definitely, definitely look elsewhere.

  24. worst experience buying weed

    I ordered two different strains and they were beyond useless. it’s also moldy as i get allergy like symptoms (itchy and hives) whenever i try to smoke it. awful awful product.

  25. responsive customer service

    Their customer service is helpful and responsive in answering all my inquiries.

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Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : martha778
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