Save your money from these online cheaters known as buymyweedonline.

I placed my order from the buymyweedonline store and they sent me an email with a question and password combo. I transferred the amount to the exact email address mentioned in the mail. I typed the question and password correctly as well. Doing all the things clearly and checking all the details before making the payment, I was assured that the payment was done which was as per my records.

After two days, when I did not get any shipment details, I contacted their online chat support to check where my order had reached. It is a great pain talking to these guys behind the computer screen. These people are cheaters and know how to do that job with expertise.

The guy on the screen informed that the order was canceled because the payment did not go through. He mentioned that the e-transfer was never credited to the account and they were not able to track that transfer.

Even if they had canceled the order, they would have informed me in the first place which they did not do. I would have never known about this if I had not talked to the online chat support as their intention was clearly not to inform me of the order cancellation.

The person who was chatting with me was making huge spelling errors and had to wait for 9-10 minutes before replying to each inquiry. The entire chat took more than half an hour and I did not get any resolution.

I did receive a follow-up mail that was of no use. I think they do not use automated systems and mostly do the copy paste with the emails. I was given the spaces to fill in the order number and my details. I responded to that email thinking that there would be any resolution to this problem.

However, they did not even read my reply and I received another email with similar fields to fill up. This is how they irritate their customers and customers leave following up with them for avoiding further irritation.

These guys do not do their job and blame customers for making the mistake of the delayed order or order cancellation. It might not be a good idea to let customers find out what happened with the online transaction when they are the one responsible for every link they share.

But, do they care. All they have to say on major issues is that they do not know, or they did not locate any transfers. These reviews online are so misleading. Most of them seem fake to me. Or, they must have local customers with no delivery problems. But, for me, they are the worst company to deal with.

Nothing can compare the frustration that I had to bear with them. Such a scam. I do not believe if this was actually a mistake or they are trying to look it like that. But, I am never going to return to this website ever again.


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  1. Avoid This Company

    I had been using this for over a year without any problems. Then, in late April, I placed an order and waited for it to arrive. After the delivery date came and went, I contacted them to explain the situation. After sending about twenty emails (their response was always the same information…we’re looking into it, we’ll get back to) I finally received a response and was told that they would issue a credit to my account.

    I went on to order and placed my order, but nothing showed up into my account. So i replaced the order and this time it showed up in my account. I immediately emailed the person who offered me the credit and told him of the situation (needing to place two orders because of a glitch). No response.

    I contacted their 24/7 online customer service, which were very slow in responding. When they did respond, I was told that everything with my order was fine and it was being processed. However, within a minute of hearing this, I received an email from someone else who told me that there was an issue with my order because I placed two orders and they needed to know which one I wanted. Frustrated that this had already been communicated to the company in a previous email, I replied back to the 24/7 online support and asked them to clarify if the order was being processed or if there was an issue. Once confronted about their dishonesty, all communication from their company ceased from their end.

    I sent multiple emails and chat requests all to no avail. It wasn’t until I looked up reviews for this site and came across a direct email that I got any response. At that point I was told that over 1000 shipments were seized, which meant that all of my shipping info/contact info was available to whoever seized the shipments. I don’t wan’t the police to knock at my door and asked for a refund. I was promised by this person that the refund would happen before they closed for the day, but it didn’t get sent. I had to shoot off another bunch of emails.

    Eventually I received an email from another person who provided me with the secret answer for the e-mail transfer, but no email containing the link to get to the transfer. All my emails were once again ignored. Finally, the transfer came and when I inputted the secret answer, it was wrong and the transfer got bounced back to them. I sent emails to multiple people at their site, and contacted the 24/7 agent again explaining the issue and providing them with the original link so they could see the transfer got sent back.

    After about a half hour, the 24/7 agent came on and told me that she hasn’t heard anything from her Manager (once again not reading their customer’s issue) I told her to stop feeding me BS and explained (again) that I had been issued a refund, but there was an issue with the password. I was told that someone would get back to me.

    The following day, I was contacted and told ‘Interac is sent to an email like it always is so we’ve sent it to your email of course.’ So once again, it shows that these guys don’t read the emails and just send off pre-recorded messages to their customers. I had to explain again to her that the money transfer was bounced back to them and they need to send another one. I was then given the impression that I was the one who made the mistake. Eventually a new refund was sent with the correct password. I will never use this company again and suggest you stay away as well.

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Reported Loss :450 $
Severity of Scam :High
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