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I deactivated my FB.  He sent me a text introducing himself and telling me his qualities and that he is a widower with 14 year old son stationed in Afghanistan.  Out of curiosity I asked him how he got my number and also replied with my qualities and that I was also a widow and he said he was 61 I told him I was 65. We conversed for a couple of weeks and he professes his love for me and says I am the woman of his dreams.  He then states he wants to condide something to me.  I say okay.  He states that him and 2 oth Sergant Majors came upon a village that had been wiped out and they found a trunk filled with money and gold bars, he even send me photos.  He stated his buddies ha already shipped their share to their wives, but he ha no one except his 14 years old son being taken care of by a Nanny.  He wanted to know if he could hip it to me until he gets home.  I said okay.  Here comes the catch!  He has a friend that is a diplomat coming to US and he gave the diplomat $14,000 to bring it to states since they are not under same search procedures as regular people.  Well diplomat gets to JFK Airport and finds his papers have expired and he haas used all his money trying to get thru customs, but needs another $1,200.  I tell I on’t have it, he asks about credit card (CC) I said I have one but there is not enough money on it, he says that’s ok, he will pay off balance, I just need to seen copy front and back of CC which I did, then he asks for my SS number and I refused, he tried to make me feel guilty, but I refused, so I cancelled my CC an got a new one. He wouldn’t give up I told him I had cancelled tht CC an was getting a new one. He was upset I did not trust him. This time he wanted me to send copy front and back off new card with only 4 digits of SS number I refused and we argued and the texts stopped.  I realized then I was being scammed.  He gets you to believe that you are soul mates and should be together before he starts the scam.

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  1. This sounds very familiar and sounds like a man that scammed me. His name is Evert Gerald Jordan. He had 2 boxes he was shipping to me. Pyramid direct courier service was the courier for the Army he said. They requested thousands of dollars to deliver them. Well I never got the boxes
    I pray no other innocent person falls for his scams.

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