Brobst facial plastic surgery

Robert Brobst is a criminal !!!

Take my advise. Do NOT go near this little man who runs Brobst facial plastic surgery. He butchered me and destroyed my LIFE for GOOD. He will lie endlessly with no remorse or guilt. He will change your medical records. I am in intensive therapy just so that I won’t hurt him! Don’t know if it will keep working or not! Stay far away from this guy, TRUST ME!!! It has been VERY HARD for me to do! We just need him out of our community soon!!!! This guy will act like the nicest and most honest guy in the world, but will lie, lie and lie. He falsified all my medical records after he completely butchered me and destroyed my respiratory system. Incredibly dishonest man!!! If you look deep into his reviews, you will see where he has gotten his friends to give him four stars to up his rating . Some of these were friends from TCU and others not even in the state. There is simply nothing this corrupt little man will not do. Please choose to go elsewhere, you do not want to end up like me just from a simple procedure to straighten a deviated septum. By the way, even after all his butchering , he could not even straighten my septum!!! After 11 hours in surgery with this guy, The surgery should have taken only about four hours, I came out with a ruptured tendon in my left arm and could not use for eight weeks. I had bruises and blisters on both heels so severely could not wear shoes for a week. Also take a look at the photo, this is what I looked like after the surgery. He tucked me into the gurney for 11 hours and it rubbed me raw .This is Elementary 101 stuff, he does not have a clue. Getting friends to write positive reviews for you to up your rating is disgusting Brobst !!! You are such a crook! My life is permanently destroyed from his butcher job!!!

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