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Brad Kuskin’s National Property Trust is a scam – Do not invest

National Property Trust is a Ponzi scheme and is run by Brad Kuskin who operates under the name of Brad Scott. He has started this scheme to fraud new entrepreneurs and start-ups. The company is a LLC in Delaware. Brad Kuskin has also created many shell companies to hide his identity while scamming people. He put a disguise of another company and escrow agreement to look authentic. However, he never gets back to the clients who release their money.

These accounts are means to launder your money and he will very easily vanish once the wire transfer hits his bank account. Mostly, he uses PNC bank accounts. These accounts are for trusts but they are indirectly for Brad himself. He uses the money from his clients and transfer it from one account to another as per his convenience. More often, he uses various attorneys to make you believe in his company and its work.

Anytime, you ask him about the proof of the funds and transactions, he will throw some manipulated papers that can easily be verified as incorrect if questioned. So, it is very important to contact the bank and the other institutions that he claims to use. He keeps on changing his company and account details for taping new victims.

If you call the bank which he has mentioned in the documents, you will either find the information incorrect, or even if the account stays, it will not for longer. So, forget the chance of following up with the same bank for the same account.

He will show many companies that he had funded in the past. These all companies will also be fake or the shell companies that he operates. He is a great con artist and knows how to change colour when required.

He follows a pattern of keeping his calls and meeting frequent with his clients until they transfer the money to his escrow account. Once the client secures the amount, Brad starts ignoring the calls and the communications goes from frequent to rare. Once he starts rejecting your calls, you will find it difficult to reach him on the numbers and email ids, he provided to you. He will change it and will start searching for another prey.

He is a master in accomplishing these kinds of frauds and his work is all about making you believe in something that is not real. All the documents he shares have a catch. You can easily get you know if you will dig deeper.

He is nothing more than a pervert, giving way to all sense of illegal activities to launder money. The shell companies you should stay away from are,, Kravetz Realty, Noble Business Funding Inc, KR Capital Management, Kuskin Properties, LLC, Jupiter Bay Holdings and many others.

You will find him closing his company soon. As soon as people are aware of his scam, he closes down his firm.

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  1. Brad Kuskin review

    Brad Kuskin is a scammer and runs Ponzi Scheme. If you get a call from him, right away disconnect the call. He can be very dangerous.

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