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Four out of the five guys they sent showed up on time, and heard me specify.

I hired Bookstore Movers on the advice of a friend for one reason only: to move my (prodigious quantity) of vinyl. You can’t stack vinyl, or it warps. Four out of the five guys they sent showed up on time, and heard me specify: DON’T STACK THE VINYL.

The fifth guy from Bookstore Movers, who professed to be a music lover, told them it was okay to stack them “as long as they’re flush” and when I walked in my living room, the vinyl boxes were stacked three deep. So I’m looking forward to years of finding bent or busted records from this move.

The guys were nice enough, but they showed up at my new place almost thirty minutes after I did (and I left after them), and one of them walked up eating some fresh hot fries. At 250 bucks an hour. Give that to the guys hanging out at the U-Haul lot, believe me they’re motivated to work.

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  1. Not good communication afterwards.

    Their customer service needs a lot of work! The man that I spoke with was curt and short.

  2. I used these guys because someone referred me to them.

    I used these guys because someone referred me to them. They were almost an hour late and 2 of the guys smelled like weed. They broke a few things and several items were missing. They did however move everything within 3 hours.

  3. They were very fast and efficient.

    They were very fast and efficient. But, I am missing two items and they claim they haven’t been able to find them. One of my movers had a very bad attitude (Maurice). He was pissed off and couldn’t figure out how to shorten the legs on my desk to fit it through the door. All he needed was a screw driver to loosen the screws.

    They also broke the wheels on my office chair. Make sure you have everything packed up in boxes or transport loose items over yourself because you run the risk of having them lost. I don’t really understand how items can get lost unless they were careless and left them at the loading dock and the trash picked it up. I recommend checking each loading dock before the movers leave.

  4. DEFINITELY recommend them!

    These guys know what they are doing. I moved in the fall and they showed up a little early and had my whole apartment packed in the blink of an eye. DEFINITELY recommend them!

  5. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to everyone.

    They took really good care of my stuff and made the whole experience really positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to everyone.

  6. Hiring Bookstore Movers was a great decision!

    Hiring Bookstore Movers was a great decision! The entire process was as smooth as can be. The quote came quickly, and my questions were answered promptly. On the day of, the crew of 3 movers was able to come earlier than the expected time, and they were efficient!

    Our entire move was done in two hours. Everyone was very nice and worked hard. I was very impressed by Bookstore Movers and would definitely use them again.

  7. I am very impressed with Bookstore Movers

    I am very impressed with Bookstore Movers. I love this company! Bookstore Movers was the 4th company I had tried to do business with. The others had very poor customer service —- mostly non-responsive. One of the 3 was a larger company that advertised quite frequently on the radio. Someone recommended Bookstore Movers.

    I emailed them in the early afternoon, providing what I had to move and asked from a quote. I received an email, within an hour, asking me to go online and complete a form. By the end of the day I had a quote, which was reasonable, and my first choice of move dates, which was two days later. The movers arrived on time, were courteous, professional, and very efficient.

    I was very happy with my interactions with Bookstore Movers, from the first contact to the actual move. I really appreciated their excellent customer service. I also got a good junk removal company referral from Bookstore Movers ‘Allies’ page. That company also provided excellent customer service. When I have another move, Bookstore Movers will be my mover of choice

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