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They overcharge for credit checks

We had a good agent so things worked out for us in the end. But I feel it’s important to warn everyone of some issues with Bohemia. My hope in writing this is that Bohemia reads this as well, and makes some changes.First of all, they overcharge for credit checks ($125 a person. insane).

Second, their guarantor form demands far too much from a guarantor. Firstly in that according to the contract, guarantors are liable for anything that happens in the apartment with no cap on cost. The lease is far more detailed in terms of the landlords insurance etc… Bohemia needs to rewrite this form so it is more detailed.

Secondly, the guarantor form states that the guarantor will remain on the lease despite any changes to the lease. So, let’s say your dad is a guarantor for you and your roommates. You get a new job and move…when the lease is renewed, you request to be off of it. Your dad could technically still be kept on there as a guarantor, and according to Bohemia’s Guarantor Form, without his knowledge! How many leases in NYC have someone else’s dad on them as a guarantor, I wonder.

In my case, my dad was signing on as our guarantor. He brought all these issues to my attention and we tried to speak with Bohemia about them. The supervisor my dad spoke to at Bohemia was inflexible and pressured my dad to sign right then despite his discomfort. He said if he didn’t sign the form as is, I’d loose my deposit.

Ultimately, the only reason my dad was able to sign this form was because we went around Bohemia and their crooked form. We did some googling, called the management company directly and worked out what the guarantor form was actually holding my dad responsible for.

Thirdly, we had Bohemia try and change the lease after we had already moved in. They got in contact, said they messed up and gave us the wrong lease, and asked us to resign. We had been given a Rent Stabilized lease and they wanted to switch it to a Free Market Lease. We said no…but again, it seemed like a situation where they were trying to take advantage of us.

It’s tough. It’s NYC. Housing is so competitive. And if you’re an artist (like me) with less than amazing credit, people make you feel like you have to play exactly by their rules even if it makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t make sense…that’s bullying! I think Bohemia needs to change their guarantor form to be more reasonable. Stop backing people into corners, overcharging for credit checks and using fear to take advantage.

CHANGE YOUR GUARANTOR FORM, BOHEMIA! And WHY are credit checks that much!?

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  1. Bohemia Realty Group Is Bad Service Provide.

    I feel bad writing a one star review, but using Bohemia Realty to help me find an apartment in Harlem was one of the worst financial decisions I have ever made. I ended up paying over $4,500 to Bohemia (plus moving costs) to end up in an apartment that was ordered to be vacated by the city.

    The building has numerous open violations and judgments against it, in addition to the infrastructure issues. I signed the lease in part on the promises of the agent that the management company was very responsive to issues, which is not the case.

    It’s clear to me now that the agent had no knowledge of the landlord, his other buildings, or his reputation in the real estate space, and was simply saying anything in order to get me to sign the lease in order to charge me a fee.

    My attempts to reach Bohemia Realty to address the misrepresentation and seek a refund have been met with silence. Now i’m left deeply out of pocket, staying in an illegal rental unit.

  2. What a horrendous experience!

    What a horrendous experience! I did all the work to get the apartment (all the calls and finding out typical information) while the agent laid back and was late was to meetings and didn’t even show for the lease signing. These guys may have personality, but they have no work ethic or professionalism.

  3. hey are unresponsive

    hey are unresponsive, I have been trying to get in contact with an agent for weeks now.

  4. complete joke of a business. AVOID!

    absolutely hands down the worst experience i’ve ever had working with anyone involved in the service industry. lie after lie after stepping over cockroaches in 2 apartments. saw NOTHING i’d go near, and was promised “luxury”. and that’s not even the half of it. complete joke of a business. AVOID!

  5. We worked with Jeremiah Wiggins at Bohemia Realty Group.

    We worked with Jeremiah Wiggins at Bohemia Realty Group. We were first time buyers and he was really patient and informative in walking us through the whole process of buying a co-op apartment in Queens.

    We also were really finicky and took nearly two years before we settled on a place, and he kept with us the whole way. He was great–can’t say enough.

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