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this point I am sure that customer satisfaction is not a priority at Bo Concept

I have had a horrible experience with Bo Concept. I put in an order at the Georgetown, DC store for furniture in February 2012. After significant delays, my furniture was delivered in May 2012. I had ordered a queen bed frame that turned out to be a few inches wider than my good quality mattress which meant that you could see the slats from the frame every time you walked into the room. The store’s response to this was that I must have a poor quality mattress and that there was nothing they could do. I also purchased a specialty unit to use as a dresser. The sales associate was aware that this is what I would use it for but for some reason there wasn’t a back ordered for behind the drawers. I didn’t know that it was an option to chose a back or not so I was quite surprised to get the unit and find out that everything fell out the back and got stuck behind the unit because the sales associate thought he was saving me money. After months of waiting for the back to arrive, I had the joy of paying for the mistake of the store and was not even given the nails to attach the back to the unit. Many emails and calls were exchanged and I had hoped for the option to return the furniture but I was giving no option to remedy the situation. So when the arm of the leather chair I purchased came out damaging the leather along the way, I didn’t even bother contacting the store to complain about the quality.

I had happily paid off the card with my furniture purchases and put the horrible experience behind me to receive a letter last week from Bo Concept. The letter informed me that the store had not charged the chair and ottoman to my credit card with the rest of the order and that they had recently charged them to my card. There was no note explaining the mistake or apologizing for the inconvenience of charging a customer for items ordered 10 months ago and delivered 7 months ago. When I called, I still did not receive an apology for the inconvenience, I was told that “I had the furniture so she didn’t see why I was upset to pay for it even though it was 10 months later.” I have a register receipt from the store showing that the chair was paid for and I want to make it clear that I in no way tried to avoid paying for part of my purchase. As a customer that paid way too much for poor quality furniture, I would expect a company to realize that customers have budgets and that it is an inconvenience for the company to make such a glaring mistake and then to be surprised when a customer calls to clarify and complain about the situation.

At this point I am sure that customer satisfaction is not a priority at Bo Concept and I would suggest you look for new furniture at a more reputable company.

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  1. BoConcept Georgetown Dont Uuse In Store

    I purchased a significant amount of furniture from the store at Tyson’s corner. I wish I hadn’t and I wish I could return every piece of it.

    The people at the store were polite and helpful – until something went wrong. As expected, furniture delivery took about two months. However, when the furniture was delivered the drawers of the the sideboard were misaligned and the leather coverings of two of the chairs from the dining set were put on wrong.

    Overall, it was very clear that the furniture was put together without ANY attention to detail and that there was no quality control in place. This was a very disappointing experience – I had been looking forward to the new furniture and I felt that I might as have bought IKEA furniture ( at 1/20th the price!) and put it together myself and I still would have better furniture.

  2. BoConcept has very high quality contemporary furniture at reasonable

    BoConcept has very high quality contemporary furniture at reasonable prices compared to many so called high end furniture stores in the Washington metropolitan area. The staff is very knowledgeable and actually direct you toward the best products that suit your needs and not the highest price items.

    They also truly stand by their products. I bought a Futuna chandelier and during installation my personal electrician dropped two of the eight glass pendants. I figured they would be impossible to replace and contacted the owner Tim by email to see if he could help locate replacements.

    To my surprise the owner emailed me back immediately and instructed me to come to the store to pick up two replacement pendants two days later. This is beyond customer service!!

    Tim and his team are exceptional. If you are looking for high end furniture with a knowledgeable staff, BoConcept’s Georgetown location is the place. I’ve been going to this store for years and highly recommend their services and products.

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