Blue Orange Bank

Financial scam

ATTENTION, SCAM. First they confirm you the acceptation of the account, ask you to pay 500 euros for a corporate bank account (compliance fee), make you wait 5 weeks, then charge you 5 % on the total turnover of the company because they decided so unilaterally, of course they let you know that after 5 weeks. Dangerous bank changing the rules and contract as they want, untrustworthy. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

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2 reviews on Blue Orange Bank

  1. Blue Orange Bank is Scammer

    waren bis zum letzten sommer dort stammgäste. bis zu dem tag, an dem wir bei der kassa unmöglichst angeschnauzt wurden, da wir die tischnummer nicht wußten. nach dem bezahlen wurden wir mit den worten: ‘geht doch wo anders hin!’ verabschiedet…. sowas haben wir in ganz wien noch nicht erlebt. über die kontaktseite des cafes habe ich mich beschwert, aber nie eine antwort bekommen.

    da mag der cafe und die snaks noch so gut sein, da gehen wir nie wieder hin. nachem dies auch einer freundin im ähnlich stil passiert ist, schreib ich diese kritik. es kann doch nicht sein, dass man überhaupt so behandelt wird und ein agressives verhalten einer kellnerin nun mittlerweile 10 leute fern hält?!?

  2. Why?

    300-500 eur their standard fee for reviewing Your company for account opening, depends on priority and place of identification. My PB warned me that those money will not be refunded in case if I will not pass the check. We’ve made proper pre-check with PB and I have passed their full check and opened an account, working almost year with them now. So what is Your problem? For me – they were not promising anything they have not offered or otherwise. Looks like it was Your own problem or maybe some bad private banker You got.

    1. paul

      I see that blueorange bank ( is desperately paying people to fix its reputation by posting fake positive reviews.

      Baltikum bank is the previous name of blue orange bank, the bank changed its name probably to burry a dirty reputation as it was one of the biggest money launderer in Europe (source :

      For you knowledge Anton, as you are probably paid by blue orange bank to post positive reviews, this bank has moral standards which are very controversy and my duty is to warn people so that to avoid them to fall in the trap of this bank.

      How I have been trapped by this bank ? They give you a pricelist, let you know that the headoffice has accepted your application, they request you to pay 500 euros as a “compliance fee”, and here is the trap, once you felt into it, this is too late, they make you wait 2 or 3 weeks and then change the contract unilaterally and let you know, that they decided just for you, to charge “up to 5 %” of all incoming money on you bank account. Yes, 5 %, which doesn’t make sense and is not in their pricelist.
      Once you felt into the scam, it’s too late, they will tell you that the 500 euros are not refundable, you just got scammed.
      This is how blue orange bank makes business.

      Of course, smart as they are, they wait you to pay first 500 euros and make you wait 2 weeks to tell you the truth about the real fees that they gonna apply to you.

      For all the potentially interested customers of blue orange bank services, if you don’t fear the bank to charge you up to 5 % of all the incoming money of the account, in one day because they decided so, of course you can feel free to work with this bank, personally I won’t recommend and I warn you against the danger of this bank’s policies.

      You have many other banks on the market far more competitive, with a stable and transparent pricing, and far safer as a this new starving bank trying to earn money on scaming potential customers as they can.

      Very bad experience (I lost 5 weeks, a lot of energy, time, has to raise a chargebackin my bank against this bank to recover my money….).

Reported Loss :510 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : neredaction
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