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Review is based solely on poor communication and lack of ownership.

AJ was very pleasant on the phone during the initial quoting and consultation. Very professional from the first phone conversation. However, he did drop off without much follow up after I decided to go with him and be put on schedule for the interior French door installation. After no answer back for 10 days until prodded today, he said “I told you via email it’ll be late October.” This is despite me asking him to put me on schedule and assuming it’ll be a specific date. But my question is why even bother offering to put me on a schedule when there wasn’t any? Why the lack of follow up? He could have said “sorry I don’t have anything and can’t give you any specific dates. I will not get back to you for the next 2-3 weeks.” But why even offer to quote me? This wasted my time as well as I did decline other contractors just to go with AJ but now I have to start over.

There was also a hint of sarcasm in his email too, saying that my French door preference to achieve noise reduction for an office space is an “oxymoron”. His words, not mine. First of all, it was merely a comment for advice or suggestion and such reply was uncalled for. There are better ways of answering than a one liner “… is an oxymoron.” Second, you’re the subject matter expert, of course a customer would ask you questions or ask for suggestions/consideration that you may find ridiculous but still have to respond courteously. Third, there ARE French doors done right that provides noise reduction told to me by other contractors. Never asked for sound proof but a door installation most conducive to lowering noise. Just my two cents.

*update* his claim on timing is wrong. He posed a question “shall I put you on schedule?” But after answering there was no update on what was the conclusion of the said “scheduling”. You had said “late October” and now claims “mid October”. Which one is it? At the end of the day communication is key. Be clear, concise, and follow through. Never was there a “I’ll get back to you at this day and this time.” Be honest in your response. It’s ok to make mistakes. Own up to it. Added one more star because at the end of the day, this is never meant as retaliation. Just do good work and treat your customer’s time equally valuable. Thanks.

That’s such a lie! You never clearly stated you’d come by to measure by mid October. There was no measuring mentioned. If you are referring to that, it was to a text sent to you TWO WEEKS AGO that you bothered to only respond now after given more strongly worded inquiry on my part. Clearly you have a communication issue. Review is based solely on poor communication and lack of ownership.

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2 reviews on BJ Global Enterprises

  1. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in having quality people do quality work.

    BJ Global is an outstanding company that provides good work at a reasonable price. I have used this company twice, once to renovate a kitchen and the other to finish a basement. On both occations they provided exceptional service from start to finish.

    From our initial meeting to completion of the jobs my experience with them was very possitive. They are friendly, professional and the crews know what they are doing. One of the things I was most impressed with is that the price we agreed to was the price I paid!

    There were no hidden cost. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in having quality people do quality work.

  2. they did what they said and said what they did.

    communication – most important they listened to what we said, heard what we really needed and wanted and helped come up with a clear and understandable plan. they communicated very effectively throughout the project – we always understood what was taking place, what our options were, and how it would work. they did what they said and said what they did.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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