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They designed few plans which says will give you 124% daily returns for your investment. Initially they convince you to make atleast $100 investment and tell you you will get daily 124% returns added up until 14 days and end of 14 days all the accumulated earnings can be withdrawn.. But once 14 days are complete they again say you to pay 10% of your earnings to their account to process the withdrawal and convince you to do so.. I am one of the victim in this and i didn’t want any other to fall in this scam and loose the money.

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    Scam scam scam. Stay away from They don’t even have spelling correct on their website. Fraud!!! They rob people. You are dealing with foreign imposters. The federal authorities are on to them and will be shut down soon

  2. Don't fall for the Super shady profits shown on the screen! Please avoid BITCOINMINNERS24 at any cost!!

    Guys, please avoid this network at any cost!
    They will show some super fancy profits on the dashboard when you make a deposit, but never expect that profits to be in your hand!
    Because they never pay you those profits, instead they will ask you to pay 10% of your profit from your external bitcoin wallet to process the withdrawal, even though they can cut the charges in the profit itself!
    And they have a live chat, and don’t make trust over BITCOINMINNERS24.COM by seeing it’s live chat!
    After registering and during withdrawal process, If you ask any doubts in the live chat, they will simply block you from the live chat, so that they can avoid answering! And the result is, YOUR DEPOSIT AND PROFIT IS GONE!
    Once again I’m putting this down,”this is super scam network, Don’t fall for the figures shown in Website, they will give you several reasons to avoid paying your profit, Avoid BITCOINMINNERS24.COM at any cost”
    I’ve been already its victim, So please avoid this network and save your money!
    Don’t trust this site ever!

  3. Bitcoinminners24 and Raghav Benazir are a SCAM!!!

    Hello everyone,
    I and many others have dealt with Raghav Benazir and bitcoinminners24. Our experience is now fully confirmed that it is a complete scam!!! Possibly entirely perpetrated by Raghav herself. I and many others saw her advertisement on bitcoin mining and asked for more info. We were then told to set up an account on and to make investments. As days went by, the platform showed profits and we had to wait to make our withdrawals. When the day came, only then did we find out that there’s a 10% withdrawal fee. In my case I invested about $5000. My so called “profits” totaled over $244,000. In which case I had to pay $26,000 in order to withdraw! That makes it impossible to collect any funds since you have to pay many times your initial investment to access the “profits”. She then said the 10% can be deducted from the profits provided you give your wallet ID and password. I gave that information from my Blockchain wallet which I will have to abandon now. I had no funds in it anyways. After all that I was still told to provide the 10% to recover the profits. She simply back tracked and told me to do so to get my so called “profits”. It’s all a complete scam to squeeze even more money!!! She will show you all kinds of bogus info and videos to put you at ease. Don’t fall for it!!!Now you all know. If want to deal with her because of the big so called profits you do it at your own risk!!! Be careful with any investment schemes friends.

  4. Bitcoinminners24 SCAM

    Please do not fall for this scam. There are many imposters posing fake Facebook accounts trolling to entice people to sign up. The results are unrealistic. Don’t let greed overcome you. Everything will seem to go smoothly until they later disclose you need to pay a 10% withdrawal fee to earn your profit. Even upon paying you still do not see your returns. It’s all fake. Try calling their customer service number, FAKE. Try looking the company up through the info posted on their FAQ’s, the company has been disolved. The company is in the process of being shut down. Don’t fall to be a victim.

  5. Bitcoinminners24

    I posted this on Facebook early 2018 raising alarm over the wicked scam that Bitcoinminners24 is. I got into it through one Raghav Benazir who informed me she was one of the officials. When l discovered her fraud, she blocked me on Facebook and came out with another name and personality called Catalan Bennie Ray. Incidentally both personalities shared the same philosophy on their page word for word. I posted it to warn others and do have Facebook pictures of both women which is one and the same person. All our conversations on whatsApp are still with me for any manner of verification. I registered and bought bitcoins into this company. After the promised 14 day period, the demanded l pay 10% to effect withdrawals, but that was were the whole complications started. They are very fraudulent.

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