Bianca Berktold

If you love your horses, stay away from Bianca Berktold of Excelsior Dressage

I am an animal lover and have many pets. I love them as my family and have been taking care of them by my own. Recently, I bought a horse and wanted to train it. I Knew I will require a hand and requested Bianca Berktold of excelsior dressage to assist me with it.

In no time, Bianca Berktold agreed to my request and took my horse for training. Although, I informed them about the health condition of my horse, they did not refuse and promised that they would follow the instructions regarding his handling.

I was convinced knowing that they are best in the city and did not argue. I thought they would ask me to wait for some time until his health get better. But to my surprise they were in for the challenge as he was not a cake walk. We had trouble training him which we never had with other horses. That was the reason we opted for a professional training this time.

They took us in and assured that nothing will go wrong. However, it was just their words and the reality was very different. They were not only cruel towards animals but also unprofessional and ruthless.

It breaks my heart when I say this because I love my horses a lot and feel myself guilty of the pain one of them had to go through.

Even after all the precautions and instructions given to them by me as well as my vet, they kept on making mistakes. They injured my horse and lied to me about that which is totally unprofessional and unethical.

I tried to warn them but they did not make any changes to his training plans. At that point my patience broke and I asked them to over this. To which they reacted very harsh and asked me to leave with my horse.

Bianca Berktold is a reputed trainer and have mentioned so many great accomplishments about her on the company’s website. I am not accusing her of lying about her skills but I know she is no better in using them.

How can she train animals who are so lucid from heart when she herself is equipped with hatred and deceit? All that she shows off is only for attracting clients and once she has the money, work is kept aside.

She won’t return your money if you ask for. That is what she did to me. When I asked about the fees I paid for the training which was called off in between, she refused to do that. She shut me out without bothering for an explanation. At least I deserved that. Didn’t I? What a training centre? It does not care about the clients and not about the horses.

She is a scammer and should not be allowed to touch anyone’s horse. Who knows you could be her next victim.

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  1. excelsior dressage

    If you know now they are running with excelsior dressage, excelsior dressage is the same company run by Bianca Berktold.

    Bianca Berktold is the person behind the another scam website called excelsior dressage

  2. excelsior dressage

    sorry I forgot to mention website url of excelsior dressage.

    its excelsior dressage

  3. many people saying the same……

  4. same ol same ol

    yes–per my own earlier review see google

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Approved Date:December 6, 2016
Status :Published
Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Location city :Loxahatchee
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