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A 25 year old homeless woman, June B., walked into the Yonkers District Office of Westchester County DSS in February of 2016 seeking her much needed public assistance as she was just evicted after being left  alone to fend for herself by her ex-boyfriend. The reason he left the native Michigander, who has no family in NY, was because she became pregnant.

Fast forward to the present: this single, abused mother of a now 10 month old boy still remains homeless with her son…and Commissioner Kevin Maguire is doing nothing about it.

The corruption and fraud behind this lies in the Yonkers District Office headed by Director Leonard Townes, who has also remained in the shadows without comment.

Following suit are the parties responsible for the true crime of fraud and human rights violations:  Her public assistance case worker, Rafael Marté, and Beverly Farrington, his unit supervisor.

They were caught on recording by June’s voicemail one fateful day, thinking they had hung up the phone.

June and many people outside of Ms Farrington’s unit thought this was severe, gross negligence being perpetrated by Mr. Marté and Ms Farrington. After over 20 attempts by June to get shelter as a pregnant, abused, single female, she still remains unsuccessful to this day.

What was on the voicemail? Marté And Farrington openly discussing their prejudice towards June and their purposeful withholding of her cash entitlements.

Mr Planamento, the only manager to speak to June, encouraged her to file a fair hearing trial. After months of refiling (3 times) for a fair hearing request, finally she was seen by a NY state judge during the last days of December 2016.

Not only did the judge hear the incriminating voicemail and obviously rule in her favor after being shown the proof of documents, but Farrington and Marté further incriminated themselves by not appearing at the hearing.

However, it is almost April of 2017, and June is still living in a homeless shelter with her growing son. They have no furniture and no privacy, sleeping with other transients.

Mr Townes, Mr Maguire, and indeed the County executive office deputy Mr Oros all heard of June’s case but refuse to meet, speak or reply to her over 20 requests for shelter, money for clothes and diapers, furniture, a crib and a home for her baby.

Mr Robert Astorino’s entire executive branch has failed to comment to numerous inquiries, and not even the human rights commissioner has replied even though the judge ruled Marté and Farrington’s actions illegal and not in accordance with OTDA law and protocol. June’s proof of documentation is simply staggering, and the backrent owed to her for being withheld was never sent by the county, which might have helped this little family through a terribly hard year and holiday season.

June and her son have never shared a holiday or even a proper meal together since they have never known a home. Mr Astorino, can you please explain why you haven’t stopped this human rights violation.

NB: June is currently seeking legal assistance to sue the county, Mr Marté and Ms Farrington for their illegal activities under the auspices of higher officials. She has all documents and recordings, along with the judge’s unadhered to ruling , so if anyone knows of a civil rights attorney please contact the admin/editor. Thank you.



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[to the admin/editor, transcript and copies of the fair hearing, where the judge deems Marté and farrington guilty of human rights violations against a newborn child and pregnant mother are available upon request and if June, who wishes to hold onto some privacy by not telling her last name, wants me to upload it, but I will ask her]

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5 reviews on Beverly Farrington and Rafael Marté

  1. Beverly Farrington and Rafael Marté should be jailed

    SO Rafael Marté and other accuser are the real culprit, I pray to god that lady get a fair justice and she get home as soon as possible

    I will see what i can do for you dear lady

    please get in touch with me at legalmall at

    best regard
    Legal Mall

  2. WESTCHESTER COUNTY REEKS OF CORRUPTION, (first comment above is troll/spam)

    Sounds like LEGALMALL ^ IS TROLL/spammer … please ignore him (why are you rating this a 1 star and saying contradictory things , and why are you soliciting fake legal help)

    Westchester County DSS reeks of corruption. Rob Astorino should step in for June B. And her baby

    1. R F

      David S Castro cA
      an help you!

  3. UPDATE: JUNE DENIED BY FARRINGTON AGAIN... corrruption in Astorino's DSS

    Beverly Farrington is only one example of corruption gone unchecked at its roots, as seen from her impunity after Human and civil rights crimes have gone unoticed and rampant still.

    June B and her baby were denied there application for lease approval after it was approved by her worker Miss O again by Beverly Farrington . Commissioner Kevin maguire and the county executive rob Astorino and all his people haven’t intervened as June B and her son go into her 3rd year homeless and her sons whole 1.3 year life homeless, the longest homeless birth in Westchester county history, something noteworthy and tell tale of this tragic administration.

    Perhaps the corruption is being suppressed because, sources close to the story report the Westchester county deputy commissioner ,Phil Gille , was found guilty of abuse of power and sexual harassment , as he was apparently having intercourse with an 18 year old county worker whom he hired to DSS.

    Furthermore it is said his human /civil rights commisiner Mark Feng and a large donor to Astorino have a history of sexual abuse, to name 3 examples. Perhaps June Bs landlord was associated with them…??

    Only time will tell why pedophilia is plaguing DSS, and why no is doing anything about it?

    Beverly Farrington denied a pre approved lease application that was to be in effect for 9/1/2017 because June Bs worker was on vacation.

    Farrington is now being protected by her superiors, who at the top of the chain of command, Phil Gille, was an aquaintance, at the very least , of June Bs landlord, as it turns out , they campaigned for Astorino , at the very same table at Astorinos Campaign HQ on Central Park avenue in Yonkers, and were friends since 2012.

    Is Farrington part of a larger conspiracy or is she acting without any reprimand by her superiors to keep this as quiet as possible ? They already paid the fire Gille and control damage, and maybe this is fuel to an extinguishing fire….

    Soon, June B will have another Fair hearing to remain un-homeless (as she moved in to her apartment 9/1 and DSS didn’t pay the landlord as. Agreed), but updates to follow shortly.



    Phil Gille is a sick, insane choice as deputy commissioner of Westchester county DSS by rob astorino…

    How could he appoint a pederast guilty of nepotism and sexual misconduct to such a high post of over $150k annually!!

    Javier is the 18 year old worker Gille appointed to DSS, Yonkers DO in 2013. Javier , whose last name will rename anonymous, was a “courier.” All he did was drive the county car everywhere, high on drugs, and he even asked co workers to hang out with him at Gille’s house. One co worked said he admitted he was interested in both men and women in a very round about way , and then invited him to an all male party on July 4th… Javier was fired with Gille after Gille was found guilty of sexual impropriety with boys…

    Then ..Mark Feng, possibly affiliated or initiated by Gille, received a $5,000 donation to the Astorino campaign, from a pedophile, am ex-con and registered sex offender.

    Just might be June B’s landlord, Raef, met the others in his pedophilia coping DBT group for parole, whose best friend and lives with another [alleged]homosexual ex-con, Paul Kellerman, guilty felony fraud and other illicit activities, and this is one big mess I Yonkers DO DSS ..

    Why are there so many pedophiles in Westchester county administration , and why are such high ranking and high donating constituents of Rob Astorino ex-convicts and criminals…??

  5. True story of astorino

    Here is Another example of astorinos corruption

    Pedophile nepotism

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