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My surgery took just over five hours

If I could do it all over again I would first reconsider going Bellevue Plastic Surgeons and would have listened to the Seattle Doctor that told me not to do a nipple lift at the same time I was having my implants replaced. I was assured by Dr George Marosan that I had nothing to be concerned about.

Dr. Marosan verbally assured me that my surgery would take about three hours and that he promised I would not have any issues with necrosis. The reason I was having them replaced was because my 16 year old implant on the left had capsular contracture.

My surgery took just over five hours. I was under twilight anesthetic which means I was not all the way asleep. I also was given local anesthetic. I remember the doctor leaving the room at least twice. The drape kept covering my face and I was telling them I was having a hard time breathing. I could FEEL him tugging and cutting on my left breast trying to get the implant to break free, and was verbally moaning in pain.

At the end of my surgery I was supposed to have liposuction done along my sides along the breast area. I could feel the cannula going back and forth, was crying, he moved a little and did some more. I could STILL feel it and was crying. I finally heard him say “well that’s not working very well.” I believe the local anesthetic had worn off by then and instead of giving me more and completing the work promised, he just ended the surgery.

What a nightmare. By that night my right nipple was extremely dark purple, not like the left one. My staples were crooked and oddly placed. The next morning I called the Dr’s office and his assistant insisted I go in and immediately have hyperbaric therapy. I did five treatments in three days, four hours at a time, laying in a chamber, hoping not to lose my nipple. Dr. Marosan was in Hawaii that week.

I went in for a few follow up visits, wanting to scream every time. Why did you do this to me? Why did you assure me I wouldn’t have to worry about necrosis and lose my nipple? I ended up losing about 2/3 of it. The feeling is all but gone. I also need to say I liked the size my nipples were before my surgery. The left one is now half the size it was and the right one has severe scar tissue and adhesions. I only hope it doesn’t cause capsular contracture to start on that one now.

I would have hoped for at least a partial refund of MY MONEY or offer to send me to someone who could repair his botch. I had nightmares for months about waking up during surgery. My advice? go somewhere else.

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  1. I will tell others my story as well he is bad.

    Dr. Marosan performed 2 surgeries on me. My original breast augmentation and my revision. My right breast pocket had stretched due to the weight of the implants and would fall into my armpits when laying down. My left was not as bad. I was told that the revision would fix this problem. A few weeks after my revision I noticed that my right breast was flat again when laying down.

    I went back to his office and he basically said that I would have to have another surgery to the tune of $8,000 to fix what should have been fixed the first time. Also my nipples were not centered anymore due to him pulling the skin outwards towards my ribs! I was never told my nipples would not be centered! He told me he had sutured the sides of my breast pockets to my ribs? Ever since then I have had pain on the sides of my breast where my ribcage is. I emailed his office stating that I was upset and in pain and that I shouldn’t have to pay again for them to make it right.

    His office coordinator Lauri emailed back with a nasty letter blaming me saying I should have paid more to get a lift and that none of this was their fault. I feel ripped off, not valued and will NEVER go to Dr. Marosan again. I will tell others my story as well…

  2. My experience was smooth and caring with beyond excellent results.

    I have intimate knowledge of the plastic surgery industry and I chose Dr. Marosan as my surgeon for gynecomastia excision and High Def Vaser body sculpting liposuction. In my opinion he is the only true expert in High Def Vaser Body Sculpting Liposuction in the Pacific NorthWest.

    No one else has the meticulous attention to detail and takes the time to produce the the amazing lasting results. My liposuction entrance holes are completely hidden and unnoticeable. The incisions for gynecomastia excisions are minor.

    My experience was smooth and caring with beyond excellent results. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The office was clean, professional and efficient. I’m going on seven months and believe it was undoubtedly the best choice I ever made, with results I can see will last for a long time to come. It has propelled me into a healthier way of eating and exercising.

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