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During Sep, 2015, Bekins Movers was hired to perform a move for me from CA – WA. However, during the shipment of my goods, 50% of those items were damaged and some of them were lost. I strongly suggest that they are not the best movers for such work.

When you are looking for an interstate transport of goods, you will surely want to go for the best one in this business. Surely Bekins Movers is not the best one to choose! They are very unprofessional, don’t have proper training and lack the best customer service. They may offer you the No Fair like option when you are looking for proper assistance and clarity.

Laura Pung who used to work as their Claims Department’s director is really loaded with creative skills and can handle the claims in unique way. She can come up online with the power point presentation that actually suggests about Claims 101. Here I will say Sorry! That policy is just unfair enough. Bekins Movers may find this as the most acceptable presentation but they need to pay more attention towards customer service. The presentation can be found online easily where it states thing like WARNING. Laura Pung – the claim adjuster is loaded with a different attitude. After receiving their services, I can mention that she is a great claim handler that I have ever seen. It’s really terrible. This URL can offer you more insights about this claims adjuster.

Damages and losses of my goods have occurred only due to the negligence of Bekins Movers. Well, the last thing that you can hope for is going for their claim department. And here this department also appears to be unfair enough and following negligible business practices. There should be such an adjuster who can come up with Discernment. This may create a proper balance between customer satisfaction and contract enforcement. The claim adjuster needs to create that good faith so that proper investigation can be done and claims can be resolved in a fair way. The claim adjuster must not seek the ways to deny or deceive the proposals or provisional coverage. When this is done, it can be called as the violation of the Fiduciary Duty.

It appears that Bekins Movers has signed a completely different Bill-of-Lading and it is different than the one listed in the tariff they used to come up every time. This is what allowing them to find alternative ways for avoiding the liability. This is how they are getting their options and not for the customers. Without advising you, they can place your goods in a warehouse or storage. They can even lie about it to you when you will ask what the shipment route is. When you want to know specific details about the shipment, it may take months to get the same. They are also using the subcontractors to complete the shipment. They are surely not going to mention you the details related to those subcontractors. They will also not give you the DOT numbers. However, they need to provide all these details to the customers when asked. They may refuse to submit the damage reports, investigation details, forms and operation procedures while mentioning that these are the internal documents or the privacy may be breached. I need to ask here whose privacy will be breached. It’s their privacy or the customer’s privacy? This type of breach actually occurs with the entitled disclosure as well as Fiduciary Duty of the company. Such details need to be delivered on the basis of their Tariff, FDT and FMSCA once requested by the customer. They simply cannot deny submitting it. But the fact is that they are denying or avoiding.

When my goods were transported by the Bekins Movers, I lost thousands and my personal belongings too. John Weissert, the Claims VP and Mark Kirscher, the CEO of Bekins; both of them have come up with strange approach when I moved to them directly. They are not really going to offer you a simple explanation and they will surely not review the loss as well as the terrible experience you have received. They are not really keen to rectify happenings even though you submit specific inquiries and proofs before them.

Till I have not even received courtesy call from them. they have not offered me a breakdown of the damages claimed. There were so many items omitted by them and they are all accepted before the submission of the Final Offer of Settlement. I was entitled with the unearned freight and they were supposed to offer me that. Even with such thing they came up with ridiculous calculations. They have added improper weights without any resource or justifications.

When I asked for a discussion about this matter with a neutral party like Surface Transportation Board, they have denied going for it. US government has the STB that offers regulations and outlines for complete replacement of the value protection as per the tariffs across the nation. But for me, Bekins Movers doesn’t have any respect for the provisions mentioned in the Tariff. They simply don’t want to respect the services which are outlined in the advertisements, tariff or contract. However, they always come up with the statement like Worry Free move.

Well, this is the most disgusting claims handling I came across in my life. I worked as the Excess Complex Director and Licensed P&C Adjuster. I am retired now. During my job, I trained my executives and companies across the nation about how to deliver proper and fair claims management services. Those are the big companies than Bekins Movers. As I have worked in this industry for a long time, such statement I need to deliver not just as my personal thought but on the professional level too.

During my conversations with different representatives from this company, I have never ever received a satisfactory result. There was simply no clarification about the tariff or the Full Replacement Value Protection. It’s been a year or so.

As a company Bekins only want to take complete advantage of those customers who are not able to challenge those wrong business practices they use to follow. I have worked in the insurance sector for more than thirty years and I feel I am the fortunate one who has better understanding and education about how to handle such situation. At least I can challenge them for what they are doing. But for others, I can understand this is a tough job!

They deliver no explanation when you ask them about the decisions and actions made by them. This is how they are trying to restrict the customers from getting proper resolution for their problems. At Bekins they are really good at interpreting their own laws to suppress the issues. They love to deliver no answer to the customer’s queries. The requests you make directly go to the deaf ears sealed mouths and closed eyes. They are just like those three monkeys who simply want to avoid things happening around them no matter what sort of problem others are facing.

I strongly believe that I have suffered a lot due to their unfair and illegitimate business practices and this is still continuing.

Why I am mentioning all these things here? My prime purpose is to make you aware about Bekins. I have a strong vocational background in this business. Still I have received such a bad deal from them. Such correspondence from me is meant for those who don’t have any ideas related to this matter. They cannot challenge the business practices Bekins is following. These people can easily fall victim to such company. They are very unprofessional in what they do.

There are many companies like Bekins Movers. Simple reviews online can come up with several lawsuits and complaints about such companies. Consumers often look for trust and security. And this goes high when there is a need to transport your personal belongings. If they will suffer like me and face situations like me, then trust and security like matters will disappear. Bekins or called as Wheaton’s like company are creating the right platform for the prey to approach towards the predators.

As per my experience, Bekins Movers is an unreliable company. They may advertise that Trust Goes a Long Way but in reality they are running a scam and unprofessional company where is no respect for the customers. There are many complaints you can find online about this company. There are also several lawsuits. They are also running business while using other names. They have also partnered with the Wheaton. Beware of this company! You may fall victim like me. I will surely not recommend Bekins as your mover.

Bekins Movers , shame on your services, your business practices and approaches.


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  1. Bekins Movers Reviews

    They are the kind of king in moving but still they do this type of shit ,I don’t believe it

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