They are short of customer service staff

Their capability to handle seamless online transfers with external accounts is very rudimentary. BECU messed up on this with one of our customers trying to make a payment to our account. They I had fraudulent activity on my account, with purchases made in three different states on my account, over a week, with three different signers.

They reviewed the activity and determined it didn’t look “fraudulent.” With three people other than me, the account owner signing on these purchases! It truly seemed no one had actually “looked” at the material I provided to them at all. I had to escalate the matter up a level to get the activity removed.

This bank is great for a little Christmas savings account, or perhaps a car loan. But don’t go to them for sophisticated banking needs in an era of online bill pay or possible identity theft. They are short of customer service staff and the ability to handle things at the local level.

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2 reviews on BECU

  1. BECU is Scammer

    1. My CHECKING and CREDIT CARDS were breached TWICE within 3-months span. Never had this happen to me with other Credit Unions or Banks. And when questioned on their level of security, they try to blame it on me for making online purchases and swiping my card instead of using the chip reader. Why do I have this card then? And what can I do if the merchant does not have a chip reader?! And BECU set the rules to use the debit card at least ONCE a month to be able to save our funds under Member Advantage.

    2. They do not communicate. Keep transferring phone calls around and then tell you that they were not aware why someone advised me something wrong but there is nothing they can do about it.

    3. I asked to lower my APR as I have been consistent with my payments for 2 years. Instead of checking what they can do for me, they asked me to call back in August, 2 months later, for them to be able to help me. When I call back 2 days ago, I was told to call back in September as that’s when they analyze the APR agreements or some crap. BECU makes their member do all the work.

    4. Their website is a joke. You can’t even setup notification if your card was swiped/used because the minimum amount is $100 for notifications. And these card information-stealers are smarter than this stupid Credit Union, because they use the card for amount lesser than $100 and you do not get notification until you login to your account to check.

    5. This credit union is a JOKE and there are CLOWNS working here. I would NEVER RECOMMEND to anyone. Unless you like to deal with a security breach, like having your funds being used by unknown party and do all the work. Then this is the perfect Credit Union for you.

  2. i hate these people

    i hate these people…you call them and wait 20 minutes. non profit my ass…higher interest rates on borrowing…they charge you for everything… and claim to be a non profit outfit…BS

Reported Loss :350 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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