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The staffing numbers need to be increased significantly

This review is for the Health Center (nursing/rehab floor). My father is a dementia patient who spent about 3 months in the Health Center at Bayview Manor after breaking his hip. He was transferred directly from the hospital into Bayview for rehabilitation. I was not impressed with the Health Center. To begin with, they are wildly understaffed. Although they assured us that staff would check on Dad every 15 minutes or so, it was not uncommon for several hours to go by between times that any staff person peeked into his room.

I didn’t meet any employee at Bayview who appeared to have had adequate training in appropriate ways to deal with a person with dementia. Dad didn’t understand that his hip was broken, so he tried to get up frequently, which resulted in many falls. It was clear he sometimes lay on the floor (with his broken hip) for quite a while before being discovered. (They would not consider using bed rails or other devices to keep him in bed or in his wheelchair, and as mentioned above, there were often hours between bedchecks.

To their credit, at least they didn’t drug him to keep him in bed.) Later, as Dad was able to start bearing his own weight (but was not supposed to be walking yet), he got up and wandered around the whole floor – even leaving his wing and entering another wing, which meant he had to have walked past the nurses’ station – and yet no one noticed his wandering.

Staff were really pressed for time. During the day, there was only a single nurse and one Aide responsible for an entire wing of patients. It was usually a half hour wait or more to get help when a patient needed to go to the bathroom. Some of the staff were really sweet people – patient and kind – but each had an impossible job, responsible for bathing, dressing, and “toileting” an entire wing of frail people, most with dementia.

Once staff were available, they knew there were other patients waiting for them, so they usually tried to rush Dad, which didn’t work at all. I was particularly appalled at seeing staff force-feed him. Dad hated this, and it was totally unnecessary, as he can and would feed himself if not rushed.

The Rehab that Dad received was reasonably good, and the Social Worker was helpful with discharge planning, and as I said, some of the Nursing Aides and Nurses were sweet and kind. But everyone is in desperate need of intensive training about dementia (I suggest Teepa Snow, or Validation Therapy), and the staffing numbers need to be increased significantly.Until those improvements are made, I wouldn’t place Dad there again.

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