Bassam Wissam Rabieh Merheb


Rabih Merheb D.O.B 14/11/1985 – 0404290906

Mariam Katouh Merheb 0431522939 – From Lawrence Hargrave Rd, Warwick Park

Wissam Merheb D.O.B 23/3/1977 – 0431443131

Fatmeh Katouh Merheb 0424760649 – From 27a bel air street punch bowl

They are receiving benefits from Centrelink and they are working full time in their own personal businesses (pension & carer etc. both husband and wife getting benefits and even kids)

They own businesses that are not registered in the country, they don’t fill out tax and don’t have a ABN number, They don’t have a Tax file number

They own tools for work, They are sending money overseas from the businesses they don’t pay tax and there not even registered business and scamming other people and companies

They own properties overseas and have put it in someone else’s name s they don’t lose it there parents Mahmoud and Bassima Merheb who help their kids scam the government by hiding their overseas income and assets they live in Tripoli Al Kobbeh Mash3aab Sheb Street Binayet Al Dihayebi Tabe2 teni level 2 Tripoli Al Kobbeh Mash3ab Sheb st Binayet Al Dihayebi Tabe2 teni (level 2) there renting the houses and their parents are helping them by hiding their payments and their kids are sending money overseas every week in different names to not get busted

They have kids in private schools, They own 2 cars each,They are living in housing commission and have stated they paid someone to physically hurry up with their application to get a house in housing commission and they have connections with people who work in housing and stated they wouldn’t worry cause they will always get a house no matter what happens if they get kicked out because of their connections.

They don’t pay for water or electricity they evade paying bills and they put other names on things so they don’t get busted

They also stated too many people friends and family that they faked to see doctors and specialist and faked documentations to send to housing and centrelink to pension and carer payments and a house and so they don’t pay anything and they pay their neighbors to cover up their stories
Their father in law has a store in Wiley park named Dabousi videos he collects stuff and sells it illegal police have searched the place many times and 100% there doing something wrong there

They have a safe in their houses to protect the money there hiding and jewellery worth over$100,000 they purchase it from overseas and bring it in the country and they might be selling it

There house looks neat because there never home they look like they’re sick and injured but there not there making over 4 million dollars a year and not paying tax etc and evading police and paying any bills they put it in other people’s names and their neighbors have stated there working 24/7 and always hiding from police and they act like there poor and they fake documentation to be on housing and on centrelink and they paid neighbors to defend their story in case someone asks about them

Ahmad Raad is a electrician who lives in Liverpool Warwick farm area who works in Dee Why and Bassam Merheb 0475970451 works with him he is a illegal migrant who came here to the country on a prospective marriage visa who threatened and assaulted his partner within a few weeks of being here and immigration and centrelink and tax should know because there scamming and he has a tax file number but his boss Ahmad Raad is paying him a few hundred on tax and hiding the rest paying it cash cheque you need to know he is doing this with all other illegal migrants let immigration know this isn’t right.

His brother’s and sister in laws and his brothers in laws have made him change towards his ex partner so he can scam the government and make money and this is fraud and is not right at all. License number might be: 265370C for electrician Ahmad Raad

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Lawrence Hargrave Road 48
Warwick Farm 2170 NSW AU
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